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Want a chance at winning an animal jam contest? Well you’re in luck! Every week, we’re giving away 1 month membership to 1 very lucky person. Here’s how the game is played:

Upload an image from Animal Jam.  Your entry will be paired against someone else’s image.  Jammers then vote on which image they like more.  At the end of the week, we’ll choose a person RANDOMLY.  This person will win free membership!  

To enter, you must submit an image. And we must ACCEPT that image.  You only need to enter once and you’ll be entered in the contest forever!


  • 1 entry per account (duplicate entries will disqualify you).
  • No stealing or using other people’s images.  Be original!

Our authors will sort through the images uploaded and only choose the best ones.  Only the best will make it to the voting polls!  Good luck!!!



  • comeon1

    comeon1 i am doing a mailtime i need some gifts to do it i only got like maybe 4 gifts please help me if it is a awesome gift i send a cool thing back to u thanks

  • max the tax

    hi i think this blog rocks i have never seen a blog so fun and cool well have fun because i am going on animal jam this was max / cutewolf203 bye!

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Skye Pie

      Thank you! Glad you like the blog :)



  • gameplayer

    if u can give me member ship here are some accounts soooonicx ,ilovesongs12 and howtobeadragon thanks and not giving u my pass because some people steal accounts –
    game player out

  • alle999

    I would realy want membership and i always get scammed cuze im not a member and members always think they the best so i want to change that if i was a member…

  • malewolf101


    username: malewolf101

  • Face

    I used to be a member and then it expired it was a year membership then I sent everything from my storage account to my main 1 and now I would really like to accept them my friend sent me a rare phantom hat and I sent myself a green glove I would really like to accept them thanks! ~ Jazzy51744

  • tabitha

    hi um.. its been 4 years since i have always wanted to be a member its my dream to be a member! if i could win this contest i will tell every one that i got it from THIS amazing contest….. IF only i win :( ;(

    • Shadow

      So um. How has it been 4 years since you’ve wanted a membership, when Animal Jam has been around for only 2 years. It’s bad to lie bro.

  • AJBG Melissa7824

    My friend, Ida5470, wants to enter this competition. I have a image, how do I send it?



  • cony123

    i want to take the contest!!!!!!!!!! yay :D

  • Hi guys

    Hi I won the membership with 10.000 more gems yay! I have got 20.000 gems now jammers. Jam on with me!

  • Nisa Inarah Shahrizal

    i just want membership cuz i can get my school friend party with me at my den anytime i want.i’m going to buy a castle den or treehouse if i win!i also hope my freinds will buy me a animal jam artic wolf gift pack and also a snow leopard to party!come on next year for a big new year party at my den!rememeber,on the tenth day of january log in and choose world tigris then go to my den!

  • Hey peeps

    Hey peeps my sis needs a membershit plz plz plz!!!!!!

  • Hahahahahahaha

    Hahahaha that guy said memberSHIT not membership

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Skye Pie

      omg that’s hilarious! im dying of laughter. ha. ha. ha. *dies*

  • lolathebest

    i really want to be a member because i have to many member stuff and i want to change the color of a glove and other things!please vote for me!

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      I do to that does not mean anything have some good thing like your poor or something but then how do you have a computer duu??!!!

  • i want to be a member on AJ

    i really wanna have a membership!!!!! plz plz plz give meh a membership!!! my parents wont let me have a membership OR free chat!!!

    • colleen

      me too me and my sister ok who has a membership card never used

    • PrincessUtrizarMA

      That does not mean anything you seem not in to it.. more like you do it for fun:)

  • colleen

    i am new!!!!!!!!!

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      That does not mean anything some people like being non member so give it a shot you know what i mean:)

  • urizarandrew

    i will help you all friend me urizarandrew, andrewurizar, or dj28801, my user names i got three

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      Hi brother on game and in real life good luck to you and hope you are in time for my epic video and by the way i know how important to you so i will vote 4 yo!!! love u:)

  • loloabi

    Please vote for me, as I cannot afford an account because of… family problems :(

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      I have family problems to and it is alot of money so i will vote or you… i wish you good luck to:) Friend me if you want to my user name is PrincessUrizarMA and i am very popular so i can help i am just not a member:)

  • TheAnimal2204

    plz vote for me

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      Cute photo of you are animal jam and i am a bunny to lol>>>3

  • shaianne

    cool but needs more

    • PrincessUrizarMA


  • animaljamrocks64

    i think i entered owner of the web site please tell me if i did i am amu79

    • PrincessUrizarMA


  • animaljamrocks64

    vote for me if you see me i am the amu79 person and i did a upside down kitten

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      I ma confused to what you are saying sorry lol:)

  • PrincessUrizarMA

    I try to enter this and my name has not yet been in but if i ever get free membership i love helping non member, friend me to be in my epic video i am PrincessUrizarMA all the caps must be typed in lol i will friend you:)

    • PrincessUrizarMA

      Please vote for me if i win i will help you if you friend me i wish you good luck and i hope you win…. i do vote for vote so vote for me and tell me then i will vote for you lol:) Thanks and so friend me, i love it when people from things like this friend me… you are awesome non member can make a big difference don’t let members get to you.. good luck please vote for me i wish with all my heart for you and me and i also comment to people so read those it fills you in about me!!!!

  • jayda

    I love animal jam so much I play them all the time and I been waiting for my dad to say yes and he promise me but he now said no so I always want a membership for 1 year now

  • Dom Dom

    I really but really love animal jam. But when its someone or me scammed i am so so sad then i want to help him but its still hard when i can not buy all items or get all items then i want to be a member not only for me i want to be a member to help all. Then please please vote me .

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Skye Pie

      Haha you’re awesome! Keep helping people and only good things will happen to you. Karma.

  • Dom Dom

    so please

  • abc45649

    i really really really and i mean REALLY love animal jam.but i hate when people scam and all.i mean they come and say if you send me a good gift i will send back a better gift and next thing you know,your bow’s gone and you got nothing better like a non member sword you probably got nothing and i love to help people but i’m not a member so i cant get everything so i can’t help them so i really want to be a member and if i was a member i will help very much in animal jam i swear and abc45649 is my animal jam account so if you want to see i am not a member and i telling the truth trust me!!!

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Skye Pie

      Thanks for the comment.

      Animal Jam loves helpful players. Keep coming back to the site. We will randomly select a winner within the next couple weeks!

  • animaljamrocks

    please pick me because i would love to be a member again!

    • http://ourgemcodes.com/ Skye Pie

      We wish you the best of luck and hope you win! The winners are chosen randomly :-)

  • EDOG


    • SaraGraceiscool

      I guess i can vote:-)

  • Elizabeth Henry

    i hope you love it :) :D

  • Elizabeth Henry

    i am doing it for my baby cousins birthday please choose mine please she would love this she had lost her puppy, this will make her smile again please :p

  • Elizabeth Henry

    may the best win

  • shannon

    i have a snow leopard and arctic wolf good luck to any non-member who enters this i would but if i won it wouldnt be fair cause they done even have one:)

    • Tom8tamama

      I PLEASE

  • Tom8tamama

    Vote for me please , my family has problems with money…we are poor and i’ve always wanted membership. I play animal jam 5 months and i’m non member. I wanted to spend a little money i have on it but in my country i cant buy it :(

  • SaraGraceiscool

    I have a kangaroo card that i haven’t used yet any won wants it please vote!

  • justsimplyjam

    please vote me

  • mattyb47

    please vote for me mattyb

  • brandymiller11

    plz vote for me ive played aj for 2 years and im a non member my family is really poor andive wanted one for chrismas and i didnt get nothing so plz vote for me

  • faith108
  • raven5487
  • Annie319097


    • Cassandra (Again!)

      my 3 credit cards won’t work either, grr


    plzz trade me on animaljam my user RAINBOWDASH507


    send me jamagrams not gifts because im a non-member let me notice

  • wolf3003

    i want a membership so badly

  • ali al farttose

    i like it

  • bobo9509

    vote for me im desperate i almost scammed someone till i thought i cant scam cus its bad i really want membership i got scammed cus of it done scam its bad vote for me please im bobo9509

  • bobo9509

    i try to help ppl but when u get bullied cus you r not member its hard i stay away from those people but i see pl say member party my den i realy wanago but its member

  • bobo9509

    plzzzzzzzz im desperate plz vote for me dont vote for members cus they are members it souds mean but they are allready members

  • animaljamlover

    please vote for me i want to spend member time with my friend

  • animaljamgirl

    I would love to get a membership with arctic wolf because my friends on AJ are all members and they never hang out with me anymore since they got arctic wolf membership and i have asked my dad like 50 times this week but all he says is NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!It would be amazing if i won this i would show respect to all the non members,trade with them and be their friends.I have seen something ever since the Arctic Wolfs came out…Most of them say no to good trades and they only say yes to Rare trades and some of them be mean to non members and they Brag a lot D: So i would like to show them a lesson and be nice to non members. Thats my Internet dream :) So here is my entry…! Oh and my username is staranimals and dont try hack me i have bearly anything on my account i was scammed at least 80 times before with my rare stuff!!!!

    • animaljamgirl


    • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile2

      Hi there you guys just so u know this is actually AnimalJamMakesMeSmile ( bunnyrabbit78 ) . I do not know how to log in as that account so I made a new one. I am so sorry if this is a little confusing. Please reply if you understand. I just want to make sure you all understand. Sorry for the confusing part. Thank you for understanding.

      • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile2

        Oh and sorry that was not supposed to be a reply I will re write it at the top.

  • AnimalArtGamingWarrior

    Please vote me. i’m animalprincess124. I’ve always wanted a Snow Leopard! some members are mean to non members. I would love to have membership. I asked my mom like 100 times. It’s always no no no no no. If i was member i would treat my non member friends the way i treat my member friends.Some members only accept rare trades these days. Members are sometimes mean just because they’re not members. My member friends never are mean to me! I would love to get membership. I’ve wanted one when i started Animal Jam. I love AJ i always wanted a membership though. So, I can do more. This is part of my entry i did not add in. My username is animalprincess124. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t hack or scam me! I was scammed before and don’t want to be again. I hope you vote for me. :)

    • hedgehog to everthig

      ya I am felling the same way now please vote for me

      • AnimalArtGamingWarrior

        What your username. I’ll vote for you :)

      • hedgehog to everthig

        my user is pandamonam33

  • AnimalArtGamingWarrior

    i can’t upload my picture :(

  • AnimalArtGamingWarrior


  • animaljam!

    plz choose me chocolatebunnyeyes!!!

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile

    Please don’t say members are mean. I am a member, and I am nice to my non member friends. Most of my friends are non-members, and my buddy list is full. I’m nice to my buddies and all non members, and even though I have an arctic wolf, I don’t brag. It’s kind of name calling to us, so please don’t say it.

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile

    and even though im already a member im still trying out for free membership so I can have a longer membership term.

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile

    And please vote me. I am the horse with all the phoenix armor. My username is bunnyrabbit78.

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile

    Oh and besides I do not only accept rare trades so trade me im bunnyrabbit78 :D

    • XxBlacktailxX

      Can i trade u a rare spike and a rare bow?

      • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile

        Wait u give me that or I give u that?

  • XxBlacktailxX

    :D the fox is just to keep u happy

  • XxBlacktailxX

    hi vote for me please i can trade u some beta or something i think your a really nice person so please it in my heart to win or lose u can choose

  • XxBlacktailxX

    But i gotta find pic first!

  • shinbi bae

    pick me i can gift you a rare item for your birthday

    • Captain Spiritpuppy

      Wuts ur user?

  • shinbi bae

    Pick me I will give you rare item when i am a member for free

  • vudy123

    Hey guys don’t use the photo booth in animal jam, then it’s not very interesting- draw yourself!

  • misscutewolf28

    it me i am 12

    • Cassandra

      I don’t think you’re allowed to post your picture on here…

  • misscutewolf28

    my mom lost her job i lost all my toys and some clothing becuse my mom lost her job please i beg you i line in my moms friends house

  • misscutewolf28

    i swear to god this is not a joke

  • myrad

    I don’t really believe this ;()

  • myrad

    I mean really! brotato, can we really trust you?

  • lollipop102938

    Hey Brotato, I’m glad you’re doin’ this! I love having a membership, but hat spending the money XD

  • hedgehog to everthig

    hi I am the one about the hedgehog please pick me

  • hedgehog to everthig

    hi my name on animal jam is pandamonam33 please buddy me please

  • hedgehog to everthig

    hi I am going two make a blog does anyone have advice

  • porcha

    i hope i get it :)

  • SprinklesTheBunny

    Hi! I hope to get picked because I had a membership, but then my computer broke and I lost the membership. D: Im 8 years old and I love AJ! I play it a lot because I love it! I really hope to win, because my mom, and dad cant buy me one because they need to spend the money on stuff we really need and not on a game. I hope I get picked it would mean a lot to me.

  • pink

    i think people should vote for none naging people

  • pink

    hi i hope to get picked becuse people have it i dont so they mack in front of me

  • pink

    i think people should be nice

  • pink

    my name in the game is snowflack arctic claws i none member.

  • zendez

    please vote me i don’t hve credit card no mebership card cause i am on dubai i did everything to be a member but no please vote me :(

  • hedgehog to everthig
  • hedgehog to everthig

    this picture is so cute I wish I had ONE of these…
    or maybe…
    all of them in the whole world -evil laugh- eh eh eh eh eh eh eh SO CUTE

  • aj72900

    you guys i got ten new kangaroo codes, tell me your member use and pass, and i get you ones (ps add me im aj72900 please tell me it :))

  • dance4life987321

    please vote for me please I want a membership so bad! ive been waiting ten months so please please vote for me <3

    • nerdmoshimonsteraj

      u can buy it hello!

  • SuPeRmOsHi9000

    vote 4 me cos I love aj!

  • teenwolf

    send me a fox hats a rare bow and arrow and any type of rares.
    my username is teenwolf84!!!

  • Animallover

    It won’t let me vote

    • Animallover

      Now it is never mind

    • Alize1234

      Me eaither

      • Sean is awesome

        Me too

  • natanna

    please vote for me but this pictures is not me it is my friend and I hope I get membership please vote for other non members too jamas!!!!!

  • Alize1234

    Please Vote for me I’m kind ,respectful and I love animal jam I’m non member and I really want membership I would be so thankful and I hope you vote for other non member to! Thank you remember vote for me alize1234 jam on ! Or rock on :) :] :D !!!!!!!! The person down there is me if you see it vote me :D

  • Alize1234
  • Sean is awesome

    Vote for me i have been wating for years to get membership

  • Sean is awesome

    Vote me i have been wating for years to get membership

  • Princessmooncharm19

    Please vote for me cuase lots of poeple bully me and hack me in animal jam just cause im not member

  • nerdmoshimonster

    im just posting rannndom stuff ok im from aj too
    add mee i got like no friends im a member

  • Samuel Mahe Lolo

    pick me because i was hacked 3 times and i dont want to keep on changing my password allday and i keep on getting scammed

  • cutelollybear

    Please vote for me,Cutelollybear because my sister really wants a member account and so do I so anyways thanks if you vote for us!

  • Madli

    please vote me i have’t win or been membership please pretty please me!!

  • paige

    plees help me be a free member love paige

  • brooklyn

    this sucks no help on membership

  • brooklyn

    i pick the girl that is bully ed :P


    Ok so thiis website is just a scam people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shahla

    Please Vote for me i am Fuzzycuterose plz

  • Deana

    please vote for me and if you do tell me if yo are a member or a nonmember and also tell me your username and i will send you a gift

  • ALLY


  • ALLY


  • claire

    please vote for me

  • katie

    please pick me no one ever picks me

  • katie

    my name is KBWOLF77

  • katie

    how long does this take to enter contest

    • cutelollybear

      It takes until they accept your entry i think.

  • tobi

    please you help me for you buy me to my member key if you been I will sent you for gift tree house good luck you my name is mytter1000


    HI!! I’m gonna enter!!!



  • jessicabarber123

    I enterd x3

  • candykitty1203

    I entered too and I got less money so I guess I’ll play animal jam now! bye!

  • candykitty1203

    bye, guys!

  • Bunniesrock1233

    I am going to enter!!!!!

  • cutelollybear

    I entered but I really want to win so plz pick me
    My username is cutelollybear and my account got hacked and I was scammed this morning!

  • Faolan02


  • katie

    please I would be the happiest girl in the world if you pick me my family is poor we can’t really afford anything and we are out of money so please pick me we can’t even afford food yet my dad is working hard but we only get a few bucks a week please pick me my name user is kbwolf77

  • colleen

    i play animal i went on youtube enterd a contest for a free kangroo code i might win

  • emily green

    wht do u mean by image

  • mojoman1009


  • avery

    i ented mine

  • sara

    i wish i could win it

  • link

    I need meber ship please

  • Phoebe

    Pretty please! I’m pinkeverythink the bunny, with so cute! Thanks so much if you vote for me!

  • gg

    please vote for me i want the kangaroo card my user is ajseal87

  • Sara

    Please vote for me. I have only a few weeks left on my membership, and my family raised as much money as they could to get me it. We are poor and I really want another membership. That was the first time I ever got a membership and there a lot of things I could do with it. So please vote for me, my user on AJ is aj94538, if you want to buddy me. Thanks.

    • yuyu

      but you still had an excperiance of being a member didn’t you? so the oppertunity should go to someone who hasn’t!!!

  • Sara

    I really want a membership getting my first one was a lot of money loss for my family. So please vote for me. Thank you every one who does.

  • Sara

    If I win I would like an arctic wolf or kangaroo card (vote for me). Thanks

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile2

    Hi there you guys just so you know this is actually AnimalJamMakesMeSmile (bunnyrabbit78) . I do not know how to log in to that account so I made a new one. So sorry if this is confusing. Please reply if you understand. I just want to make sure you all understand. Sorry for the confusing part. Thank you for understanding.

  • daisy83507

    hi guys!

  • daisy83507

    ye guys lol bye :(

  • daisy83507

    i really wont to be a meber i love horses and arctic wolf dolfin and the close please i allways wished to be a meber please please make me one

  • alexis78525

    this is alexis78525, buddy me if you want, i just entered a contest

  • ninja_shade

    you should make it every day, because thousands of people enter and only one wins.

  • pokemonlake009

    hello I am really want to be a member but if do not get any votes I am ok with that this is a win or lose thing and I hope to be the winner

  • cutelollybear

    Please vote 4 my account, cutelollybear because my BFF wants a member now as well so uh bye

    • anny sal

      hey i will vote for you !!! are you a nonmember?

      • anny sal

        hey guys can you vote for non members that will be better than giving members more chances and please vote for me my user name is anniqa thanks leave your user name and i will give you a gift i swear because i never lie that against i my parent’s rules so thanks i will keep my promise if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • person

    Please Vote 4 me people i really want 2 bee a member

  • luhan

    vote me please please i will be your friends
    i wait 2 years to be a member please vote me
    i will vote you guys too~

  • ivan

    please vote for me i will criy

  • ivan

    i will do eny thing for it please

  • ivan

    i hope you can do look at my pick chrs

  • ivan

    cut my figr

    • thisguestisawesome


  • DaisyPrincess

    Please I hope anyone votes for me because this is my first time

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • DaisyPrincess


  • DaisyPrincess


  • DaisyPrincess


  • DaisyPrincess

    So true.

  • DaisyPrincess

    its true

  • TheFrozenGhost

    i need a member ship so bad pleas give a girl some hope and such i have been looking for codes only i never found one just scams and they take it like a joke :( </3

  • TheFrozenGhost

    this is me again yep i’m so sad. i want a member code! so give a girl some hope and luck

    • abby

      i know how you feel TheFrozenGhost!

      • TheFrozenGhost

        really you do?

        • abby

          yeah i do :) 8)

          • 535456

            i know 1

  • lilly

    pleas i want a membership there is not much space in my little den
    and i love animal jam and i want some cool cloths pleas vote for me
    give a girl some hope pleas.

  • gbulger

    i hope i will win i might enter

  • gbulger

    or maybe not

  • Thepinklion

    Can some vote for me?
    It took me a long time to draw it.

  • fuzzycaterpillar620

    I love animal jam so much and my parents think its a waste of money to get me a membership and I want it so bad. I have been playing animal jam for 2 years now and I have never had a membership so please vote for me.

  • luisa


    I hope some one vote for me because my parents wont buy my a membership.
    My mom say:”i will not keep the money for a computer game”.So she wont buy me one and 2 days ago PMO scammed my nm sword my rare bow and my rare top hat and at the same day emmafisher scammed my silver rare bow fox hat and my red glove.Please vote for me i worked hard for a membership and i will win

    At the picturres you can see my little bunny we too hope some one vote for me

  • luisa

    i hope you love my little bunnys
    here you can see my outher we all hope that i get a MEMBERSHIP

  • lilly

    pleas my mother and dad are saying that i am not allowed to
    buy a membership so they are saying that i am allowed to win a membership
    so pleas vote for me i want to have a membership for one time pleas pleas pleas
    pleas pleas pleas.

  • Princessmooncharm19

    please vote for me princessmooncharm19 this took me along time to draw

  • emajanka

    please oh please vote for me cause my mom and dad dont have money to get me membership.i been very long looking for free membership.please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i will give fox hat for free membership)

  • emajanka

    i right now have problems with my boy freind (he is member).he very love me,but he is now anngry for something and he now hates me.he now have another girl member.i wanna that membership to help me look cool and help me to he stop loves another girl.please vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    i relly relly supur dopper want to win!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • maj777

    relly i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please animal jam please :D

  • maj777

    relly supper dupper do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Animaljam lover

    plz vote for me i nerved had a member ship an i am 11 an i got Animaljam when i was 6 so ya so plz plz plz plz vote for me i need it

  • Animaljam lover

    hay if you vote for me when i get my member ship i wll get you what you want

  • Animaljam lover

    if you vote for me i well vote for you 16 times

  • luisa

    vot for me my user is frankreich and i make 2 fotos you can see them with rabbits

  • glittermaster2

    vote 4 me

  • mark

    please vote me i never been member since i was 4 i am 11 now please vote me

    • thisguestisawesome


    • animaljamgirl

      You know that Animal jam Only opened in 2010 and that was 3 years ago and you couldnt have been 4 when it was opened.

  • mark

    please vote me i live in the philipenes

  • mark

    please vote me i am really poor

  • jcoate

    Hi i really want membership because i have been waiting for 5 years to get membership and i really really want it still so if u have any heart vote for me please!

  • jcoate

    plz!! ive been waiting years!!!

  • Harman Kaur

    plz! AJ i hope i have free membership i really do and please vote for me my username is harman678 thanks

  • Harman Kaur

    hey guys umm i was just wishing to get membership cos i have waited 10 years so i am twelve

    • Kylenia Nonna

      boohoo i’v been waiting since I was five im eleven

  • Kylenia Nonna

    plz I really want the membership I cant even afford a head flower

  • Kylenia Nonna

    Plz vote for me

  • Animaljam lover

    i have waiting about 12 years so ya plz vote for me cuz i am 13 now an i got Animaljam when i was i dont now about 2 im the big girl an now i am 13 so plz vote for me

  • Bella

    please vote for me i need membership so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • serena

    i love animal jam and i live with my family that don’t want to give me an animal jam membership and if its for one day, i would be so happy to still be a member EVEN FOR A DAY OR A MONTH OR A YEAR! so please, vote for me…………

  • i need membership please

    please vote for me these girls always brag to me about having membership and then i say i dont so they make fun of me please help me to get membership

  • Wolfy

    heyyyy guyz so vote me cuzz im making new videos and I <3 u all and I really need a membership so luv u all <3333

  • ashlee


  • geniusfox32

    vote for superrabit32 and even me too.

  • Slushy2151

    Please vote for me!!!1 (Slushy2151)
    Look! This puppy wants you to vote for me (/(^.^))

  • Strosseli

    Vote for me and you will get a prize, my name is strosseli.

  • serena

    hi,my name is serena (applejack9999 on animal jam). i have just joined last year and i really need membership. My family won’t allow me (because they don’t know i have animal jam!). Even if i say please or do anything for them…….. they would still say no. I prayed every night for a membership on animal jam, but i never think it will happen. My friends on skype always say “Hey Serena. You should probably get a membership! Its so fun!”. I just can’t hold it anymore, even my classmates are members! But the WORST day was when i got hacked HARDCORE. My old account was reindeerpink270042. And once, i saw this video that said ‘Free animal jam~Membership!’ and it was a pic of a wolf sitting in the sofa, so i clicked on the video and my mom called me to go and shop with her. While i was gone, a sneaky somebody sneaked into my room and wrote my account on youtube: reindeerpink270042 and my pass is serena. The next day, in the morning i was helping my mom with her french i said “wait i gotta do something first!”; i typed in my account and i got suspended for a day! the next day was the same but i was worried i was still suspended but i wasn’t, i got on aj and guess what? MY STUFF WAS ALL GONE AND MY CLOTHES AND EVEN MY JOURNEY BOOK STUFF………………GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY COLOR WASN’T IN CORRECT ORDER CUZ IT WAS ALL MIXED UP! so i decided to report that….. that squisheh. i started crying in my room. i ate nothing but all i did was drink water all day long. AHA! i got it! i just need to make a new account and then get my buddies back and get membership on that one! so i did it. This story happened last month on my birthday. i live in dubai but i am in corsica for my vacations. Let happiness of this world spread and let the world be happy like us! i hope yoyu read this, yours faithfully, serena.

    • serena

      that is real

    • grace

      i’m sorry but i don’t really belive that…

      • serena

        why its true call me on skype and see


          you know that my tiger on aj reindeer pink was pink and white but now it is different
          my skype is serena.jennifer.piras and i want you to search me and call to see if it is or not real get me? cause if you don’t you will get it!!! i am her brother and i am 19 yrs old get it? i want the best for her thats why i am sorry for her. i didn’t mean to do it the hacking thing it was me.

      • serena

        Check my old account
        You can check if there are journey book items in my den…

    • kaylynn

      whats your password on aj

  • awsomenesd

    I need A membership so I can get a lion and I need a membership I will give you A silver glove

  • puppy8115

    Plz vote :c

  • serena

    if you have skype, search serena.jennifer.piras and there is a picture of a toucan and thats me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002332719562 Reannah Mogge

    please pick me

  • Adrienne

    I hope i win!

  • emily6135

    I don’t care if I win or lose it just seems fun to do it

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/StarCatsforever cat4576

    id like to win but its okay if i lose just enter because its fun to do it.

  • hope(:

    Please vote for me! (: i would be soo grateful if i won because all of my friends have animal jam and they’re all like, “gurl, you should get membership on animal jam.” but i never can’t! my username is hope44907 thank you if you voted for me (: xoxo <3

  • jacobisawsome23

    please vote for me! and if I win if you see me friend me thanks!

  • Myrad


    • Myrad

      My picture is of 3 cats- I guess the photo I attached to my other comment did not work

  • Im not saying

    i took this pic of a pug i think she was sleeping :) please vote for it

  • angie

    thanks if you voted i relay would like a membership cause all most all my friend have it

  • cool cat

    please vote for me

  • shnook123

    plzplzplz vote mine

  • marjoriebell

    please vote for me I wanted membership when I got on every time. I look in stores and on animal jam but I never have the money.

    • jas1234

      Hey I want member ship to but
      by the way my user is dot47

  • laurarose77

    Wtf ppl i mean really members in a contest 4 a membership how ridiculous and messed up is that!

  • victoria

    me plz my usernam is victoria18088

  • eryuinobz

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME VOTE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eryuinobz


  • tostupidthewayitis

    mine is payten2006 and I am a member I just want to get more diamonds

  • tostupidthewayitis


  • Rammbo606

    vote me my name is cheifmaster99

  • eryuinobz

    hey!! now i dont want my old user!! fahad6075!! if some1 wants, then np hack me!! my new user is better then my old 1, user:fahad6075 pass:maybe i tell now or after?? (**************)

  • wolfrocks777

    vote for me! I am wolfrocks777! I would really love another membership cause mine is about to expire :( and i cant get another one :( so vote for me please! Thanks!

  • elenatodos

    please vote for me, im a non member.
    I will love to have a membership.

  • Chloe Haringa

    plz vote for me i really want to have a membership and my parent wont buy me one and whenever i try to save up for the 1 month membership i always have to spend it for other stuff other than the membership plzzz vote for me

    • ilovehounddogs

      What’s your I’ll vote for ya :) ;-) my user is crazytown24244 accept I not in contest.

  • fiona

    i give you any thing if you vote for me so please i want it more than anything in whole world i gave up going out for ice cream just to find a way to get a membership so please vote for me ;(

  • dovepaw77

    ok i really want a member ship please if anything please choose me btw i am

  • skydoesmcfan44

    I really want membership I begged for my parents to get me one but they said no I want one so badly

  • skydoesmcfan44

    how can I get a picture on the contest

  • kiiii

    please vote for me

  • lydia

    please vote for me causer mine expired! and its taking all my stuff away!

  • austin4399
  • lisa

    how do i vote?

  • victoria
  • Grace
  • Esther Thomte

    Oh…. PLZ PLZ PLZ Vote me! If u vote me, and when I member, I will trade u my best stuff… 1st be my buddy I will accept, PLZ VOTe!!!!! I BEG ALL THE UNIVERSE! IM THE MOST POOR JAMMER AND HERE ARE THE CLOTHES I ONLY CAN WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! username- Estherthomte2003

  • petr


  • rubysafley

    vote for me I am so cool

  • carly kirbyson
  • werewolfer

    please vote for me

  • Littleoakchurch
  • tingaling55555

    vote for me my membership is going to expired if my membership expired then my mom will not buy me membership cards any more DX

  • tingaling55555
  • tingaling55555
  • Savannah246810 AJ
  • junokane
  • Julian2


  • lightingbolt77

    help me please

  • lightingbolt77

    need a membership

    • zrakeo

      thats not from animal jam

  • Gingersnap789

    OMG- I luv bunnies ^-^

    • morgan

      OH I CAN’T VOTE! sorry

  • Colin

    Please give me a membership my parents said no!!!

  • selena

    Please give me membership my parents said no and my big sister! Please vote me i’m only 10 years old and i’ve been looking somewhere for free membership! :(

    • blukie

      Thats the problem with family members! Great job selena!

  • tatiana g

    please vote me all my friend have membership i feel left out if you vote for me thank you cause i have waited a long time and nothing please vote me please :;-(

  • Yetiana789

    Freedom bunny!!! Please vote me i work so hard to get the wingz and all those stuff!

  • Yetiana789

    Please vote me i never get membership 3 years! My parents says i will never get membership until christmas. Please Vote me i will give my my rare fox hat!!! I promise Please vote me im beggin you!

  • dream8458

    please i have never goten member ship because my mom poor and my dad

  • lilyofthevalley223

    plz give me the account becouse i just want to be a member for once in a life tie

  • apacheco123

    please vote for me i’m not a member cause my parents think this game is silly so please please vote for me!

    • morgan


      • apacheco123

        thank u sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • apacheco123

    please vote for me i have never been a member and i would be glad to be one please!

  • zrakeo

    Im Zrakeo. And please vote for me.

    • zrakeo

      well my user name is zrakeo

  • mario

    vote for me please

  • mario

    plese vote for me

  • Mayar

    please vote for me i dad wont allow me to be a member please vote for me

    • morgan

      ok are ya a member? XD! :D

  • mario

    please vote for me i voted for you

  • Rachael

    I’ve always wanted a membership, thank you so much for giving away memberships!
    You have a big heart.

  • tiger70625


  • natureangel123

    vote me plz!!!

  • lolklolkharhar

    its not putting my picture!!!!!!! DX

  • lolklolkharhar

    wait… nevermind…..

  • Jade


    • morgan


      • Jade

        thank u but seems like its over

  • kittyajlove

    this is mine

  • kittyajlove

    i think animal jam is the best pc game and its educational

  • snowflake23345



  • snowflake23345

    name is snowflake23345

  • snowflake23345


  • Animaladventerous Jamaa

    Give me membership and I’m animaladventerous thx!

  • Jade

    vote me please my user on AJ is : cloudythunder123

  • troy

    please vote for me :”(

  • Ashley

    PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! my parents think this game is a time waster and they never spend money on anything but groceries and bills! PLEASE! I’ll even give you four things of your choice from MY trading list for something SILLY! If I could give you everything I had without even trading it for anything I would. PRETTY PLEASE?!

  • lynnae

    hey can you get me member ship for the 12 mounth few
    please I want all the aniamls in animal jam please please
    my user is lubbers22 my pass word is puppy2

  • lynnae

    my mom thinks the is a not good game and I reall y want membership bad please vote for me please PLEASE PEASE I with icould have all of what other members had please

  • C


  • stupidblog

    this was a rip off

  • Blur the cat112458

    you are awesome

  • Blur the cat112458


  • Animaljamrocks

    I’m OK if I don’t win

  • Animaljamrocks

    My pic if I works……

  • Animaljamrocks


  • katelyn

    i love animal jam its the best game ever besides minecraft



  • mh

    the contest is over braindead people

  • claire


  • karla38833

    ;( i never won a contest and this is my first time so plz vote fore me and follow me too plz

  • ayden

    I wanna sign up for it now

  • anna

    hi please vote for me if you vote for me reply to me and give me your user so i can buddy you remember vote for me and the 5 voter will get my fox hat just give me your user and i will buddy you and my user is army92487

  • anna

    ITS OVER WHAT aww! :,(

  • Anas1122

    make me a member please

    my name Anas1122

  • horsel0ver0989

    please vote for me i will be your BEST friend my name is horsel0ver0989

  • horsel0ver0989

    aww it’s over

  • serena

    who got the most votes

  • Ava

    This is my photo oh and my username is: hippo335

    Hold on it won’t let me put my photo how rude

  • laraib

    I am lolchacha101 on animal jam and if you pick me I will give you my password but only if you give me free membership and you can go on my account any time you want

  • isobel

    i am fearcethewolf on aj if yu pick me i will also send you rears and giv ya my pass if ya give me 1 year membership

  • christine

    please vote me cries i will give you my rare white bow please i’m sabrina487

  • mickle

    i need to get free membership mckenaby is my user name

  • mixer4life

    i will give you a code if you choose me. please choose me my user is mixer4life

  • banana71470

    i need a to be a member because to be a free member
    my name is banana71470 or wretched goofy boy

  • Trixi Danielle Tolentino Merid

    Hi please vote me. My name is Trixitotskie / Miss snowyrabbit

  • kukoy123

    hi please vote me

  • luis123

    vote me

  • kikay123

    animal jam

  • kak123


  • bbqyay

    my user is bbqyay

  • black

    my user is brownbobcats
    and my bro is flyingdodoshark
    my cousin is vbaby
    and my other cousin is vbaby2000
    and my sis is moneypolly
    and my or sis is im a girllll one l or 2 ll
    buddy us we are super fun

  • black

    also 1stchance buddy tht 2

  • Elizabeth

    Buddy me on AJ i’m Lbogita :D although i’m a member i just need free membership for me other account NOTE: I probably need the membership least

  • Elizabeth

    Mia bro Mbogita ( who copied my username ) thinks AJ is stupid >.< so he gave me all his good stuff and stopped playing

    • Elizabeth

      XD look at meh wind snow leopard

    • Gatormutant

      What the? Anyway, I just went on animal jam an hour ago. It wasn’t very eventful. . . .
      If anyone wants to add me, my user is gatormutant

      Thanks! Bye bye!

  • Yuliza

    Please Vote For Me and add me as your buddy. I’m wolvesrock2007

  • trell

    I hope I get a articwolf a win I give you a rare headdress code if I do when

  • jiquais

    this is my real animal jam picture glich one but I mass it up delete it I no how to get them they still work vote for me

  • katchiina

    please vote for me my name on aj is rainbowcraher

  • katchiina

    sooooooo very sorry i have no idea of waht i did

  • Guest

    i don’t know what are you talking about dude

  • Nosaroni

    Phantom wolf

  • Jasmin

    Please vote for me :P and buddy me my name is Juliana67111

  • Landon

    please vote! stay cool and be in school user is cutey34sbro

  • awesomeaj

    Vote for me please i am fair person and i do not scam people if i do not win then i well try to generate codes for you guys i am nm but my codes work and so now i am a member it is really fun. So plz try to vote for me and if you do. Repla a message of just your user and i will add you and tell you membership codes. So again vote for me, be kind =) and i will get u membership to everyone because i know how it feels for being a nm

    • awesomeaj

      Btw i will add my user

  • jariona

    vote for me i will be fair and i will give you lots of rares and gloves

  • jarionna

    please me i got no clothes no dens no gloves only rares my name cutepie9012

  • kevin

    plese i need a membership i never had one in my life ok

  • Jasmine

    pls give me membership my username is new8909 and i need membership cause never had one pls!!!

  • radiocat446

    i need a membership so bad! i’ve been hacked so meany times! so i made this acc plz give me membership im radiocat446 :P

  • serena

    so, who got the most votes?~?!?!

  • maylyn

    i need a member because i want the cheetha

  • Molly

    I need a membership because I’m never allowed membership in any game.

  • yologirl3214

    please vote for me and buddy me if u like me i’m nicky5550 THAT MEANS U JULIAN2

  • Rachel

    I need membership so bad!

  • Rachel

    Vote for me! rachelgirl12345

  • PCoyleS

    vote me! minniemouse44123! thanks

  • NebulaNight

    But giving free membership is against the law!

  • sarah

    vote me please

    • Kelly

      well…………………i am fluttershy14001 so choose me

    • Kelly

      i need membership badly if i dont i will get it when i have my own credit card so plz vote for me

  • nicky gir12


  • nicky gir12


  • sam

    please vote for me

  • Anas

    vote for me please
    mu name is Anas

  • starlight171

    vote for me

  • wintermist

    i am just here to cheer people on i am wolfcup1 i to make you guys not worry i did this picture ^_^ this is not me this is my friend but good luck guyz!

  • Rawer-pyfh

    i love dinos rawer oh and how do you enter the contest

  • Rawer-pyfh

    vote pleas ill give you six month membership

  • Madison

    Vote for me, I’m Jammer317761! Currently NM! Add me and vote for me!

  • foxy

    plz vote for me and congrats to the winner!!

  • Jaime Reyes

    plz vote for me, I am non member, I have pictures but this ones the best I’ve done
    I really want a membership so im putting this image up coz its what I really want if I get a membership :)

    I did this on photoshop ;p

  • sealion34456

    i vote for……. someone. 0-0

  • sealion34456

    vote for meh plz i can give u my worn that is red not fake!

  • dude51

    my name on aj is bey51 vote for me and get orange spike

  • dude51

    i not lying about the rare spike

  • Pickstaryard

    Well, I’m voting for anyone that’s has the best photo

  • Whazzup

    Please vote for me. It would mean the WORLD to me if you did. Can you be the one that can make someone’s day? I have always wanted to be a member but I never had the money to do so… I’d love to be a member even if it was only for a day anyways it’ll mean a whole lot if you did
    Buddy me if you want to!
    User: pokemon4115
    I have toy sales at my den and you’re welcome to check them out!!!

  • princessjennate

    please can you vote for me my mum and dad wont let me buy itt with my money cause they dont like using their cards but welldone to that lucky person=(

  • princessjennate

    i dont know how to put pictures on am neve gonna win now=(

  • princemagichero

    Make me member plsssssss
    And I will trade u my bow and arrow!!!


      umm its animal jam hQ

  • Amy
  • wheeleyyumyum

    i really need a membership code.i always look for one but they never work.please i am worried that no one chooses me ( please i will be your best friend for ever ) your the best if you choose me. thanks

  • Re Lugon
  • anna
    • crazygurl55253

      yuve got a real talent

    • Captain Spiritpuppy

      I wish i as that good! Dang!

  • rhea

    plz vote for me and I am doing this for my friend sarah sarah’s user:bunny7654321 my user(alredy a member):rhea92125

  • bagby98

    please vote me I’m a little 7 year old girl and i have no money or mommy

    • sealofbeyond

      Then how come you have a computer?



  • Zoe

    PLEASE I really so so so badly want membership :D I LOVE animal jam and want to do more with it
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Holly

    vote for me plz my username is fox1025

  • ryan

    hey hey hey plz vote for me my user name is kadieorkd!!!!!!! ive ben playing for 3 years vote for me!!!!!!!!!

  • Skylah

    Join my pack were the adventure starts
    vote for me Username is hypersonicseal

  • Brandon

    Vote for me plz urser is ghostguy84

  • bryan

    vote for me bryan01499 plz

  • katrina

    vote for me plz I need membership I am just a sad liitle kid plz do it plz plz plz I need it plz!

    • katrina

      bryan plz vote for me I am a sick liitle kid and poor

  • katrina

    plz vote for me I am a good jammer and a good ppl to be a member and have free chat plz pz plz

    • katrina

      yes? oh nothing

  • katrina

    if you vote for me I will put you in all of my youtube vodes I swerer

  • katrina

    plz vote I need this I am a poor kid and if you don’t want to them I gess that is ok but plz do I rely need this I need it plz I just need it I have some menny times win i am sad and poor well who cares i just want to be a member plz i need it

  • sarah

    i really want membership on animalajm please someone give membership my user is grandthefauto101 send me it on animaljam you know were you send gifts to people

  • sarah

    send me a code or a membership accounts that you dont use and you didnt put on the internet

  • sealofbeyond

    Please vote for me! My user is sealofbeyond. :)

  • blendi346

    vote meeee plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz my accond is blendi346

  • blendi346

    vote me


    MY NAME IS LEXI22189 OR LEX07037



    • sealofbeyond

      Umm… than how about your survival?

  • sealofbeyond

    Plz vote for me! I’ve been so sad about it. Sometimes I go on everyday just to find one :( but then I go through detention but I still look for free membership. I don’t care if i have virus on my computer I just want free membership! PLZ PLZ PLZ VOTE FOR ME! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME AND LIFE! I AM SEALOFBEYOND ON AJ AND I WOULD RECORD WITH YOU! PLZ PLZ VOTE FOR ME! PLZ VOTE FOR ME AND YOU’LL BE AWESOME! I AM SEALOFBEYOND!!

  • drvvvv

    please vote for me I am poor I can only play as non member I have too non member account so please please vote for me I never win any thing of my life time

  • Jeriyah Turner

    this is mine

  • hanan

    plz plz and this comes from my heart i need to be membership

  • Rafaella Briito

    My dream is to be please I want to be membership

  • blerta001

    i always dream to be a member but my dad can not pay for being a member please i am not that rich my friends got membership only my

  • lacey


  • Orbistic


  • Jhulia Volpi


  • Leilani Bandian

    plz!User:azeusebio just look at my den and look wat im waring nothing and i only got member items cuz someone hacked please i need membership

  • stojance

    plz give me a membership plz what can i do for you

  • stojance


  • stojance


  • stojance

    stojance35z is username

  • Kayci

    Plz vote. User:Vlamone

  • Guest

    plz plz User: Larabell7 and i got a cute puppy that i sold it

  • Guest

    Plz vote for me user: Larabell7

  • lara lamb

    plz plz vote my nm User:Billyfrog lol and this is my cute puppy and i sold it aww

  • megema5

    plz vote for me we are not rich and my mom get crash by a car but she is not died she is bad but not died so plz and my dad never pays i am not luck plz vote for me my name is roisyla123.

  • princemagichero

    Hello hammers my user name is princemagichero please vote for me and at the future I may do something good to the ones who vote for me thx!!!(vote for me):)
    If I vote me pls let me know ur user so that I can give u something

  • Noor al-duhaidahawi

    I really Wanted to be a member and it was my dream since i can’t Pay!!!!!!

  • Just Me

    I would love to be a member for free! But im not gonna say im perfect and that I need it I just really want it but that’s ok if u don’t vote me… :(

  • Nhok

    i want to be member , since 2 years already. it was so sad :(
    and vote for me * Jammerhammer324 * please

  • jayne

    that is STUPID! contest was over and ever since I got a account I wanted a membership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  • jillian
  • jillian

    hi I rlly need a membership I wanted to have won but I have no money im so poor!
    plz vote for me my user is jill44747.

  • lucy

    hi am a non member and would really like one, my family could not afford presents this year, so if you could vote for me, it would really make my Christmas day

  • lucy

    i forgot to put my user in that comment XD thatoneguyweallknow is my user

  • Zayn5455

    Hi my user is Zayn5455 and I whould love a free member ship bc I hate when some people jam a gram me say oh do you see some thing different about me I hate it all ways rubbing it in my face thx and I hope I win fingers crossed

  • buddy

    it is so @!%$#*& stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mari

    plz let meh get a member ship i have been on here since last year and still my mom or dad have not given meh a membership user lilmissboo1

  • lilly

    hyey for lilmissboo1

  • Geegirl

    My Christmas Snapshot. Have fun, Jammers!

    • Captain Spiritpuppy

      I vote this one!

  • claudia mccathern

    my user name is fastmouse1

  • claudia mccathern


  • claudia mccathern

    my user is fastmouse1

  • Eaglerox

    Here’s my entry! Thanks for the opportunity, I appreciate it c:

  • Eaglerox

    Ah, wait. It says it’s over on the voting page. Sorry about that ^^’

  • traci

    can another contest be announced cus i have been on aj for 3 years!

  • Janice

    I cant save my picture when I save my animal jam picture and I click on pictures it not there ugh now I sad :(

  • Janice

    and how do u even get pictures in?

  • Janice

    plz tell meh

  • Montse Gonzalez

    my account is user:lilylol321 password:gonzalez

  • Montse Gonzalez

    here is my entry sorry about that

  • candy87340
  • nagihayate

    Vote me im lafola

  • dxgh

    I HAVE TWO DOGS! first one name its: Snowguy another dog its Snowlady

    • justin00067

      so cute

  • dxgh

    plz adopt me my ACC: dxgh

  • zeorphix

    name: ipuffyx

  • Silverstar012345

    i have only had a member ship once these are my photos:
    the email i used to sign in is my brothers junkmail so do not send the code to the email account

  • cutearmadillo

    huh I cant even get a free membership… huh

  • ricky

    plz i will die if i dont get this and will it be a member ship that will never expire plz let me win i am only 3

  • coco

    im princesa1226 i need membership really bad here im a bunny i have a cute photo

    of tweety bird hope it will work add me on animal jam user is princesa1226 if i win add me

  • Arceus8678

    Im Arceus8678 and my freind let me borrow her fox for this pic! Thx so much! I REALLY need membership!

  • SparkleFace90

    Can i get member ship without playing contest i rlly need it for meh friend!!

  • SparkleFace90

    My user is Sparkleface90 vote for me and give me member ship plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzp plz

  • yenyal

    plz pick YENYAl

  • pls member pls

    my user is Thewhitegirl i really need membership
    pls give me that////////i really need it thanks and bye!

  • Montse Gonzalez

    i want membership but i know my parents wont buy it cause we are too poor

  • beasthuntress

    i need membership for some quite a good reason;
    i keep getting scammed raccoon hats and bows ( epc wonders in nned )
    my parents wont give me a membership ever, they said so!

    • beasthuntress

      ps my user is Diamondteardrops and beasthuntress

  • Greisey

    I love you animal jam! I love you membership! :)

  • Sarah

    PLEASE VOTE FOR ME i have been asking for membership but my dad hasnot worked for ages so plz help me i have been serching for free membership forever but i think its not safe so please help me

    • justin00067

      ok i’ll vote to all first earese this comment you typed its something your giving away ur personal info about ur dad.

  • arctic wolf

    please vote me long time ago im member but now im not member :( please vote me

  • Beea2005

    plz vote me i wish to be member…

  • colleen adams

    please i neeed membership cause welll this is my 2 year on aj and no membership plz vote!

  • JacTehFox

    Please.. I never been a member in my entire life. :/

  • Peacher567

    Please Vote For Me My Family Does Not Have Enough Money To Pay For A Membership And All I Want To Do Is Fit In With The Other Members And Do Good For The Non-Members So I Beg Of You Guys Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :C

  • arktikos


  • arktikos

    I want to become a member

  • pikachulolo1

    i need to be a member

  • pikachulolo1

    my mom is realy poor and has no mony on credit card T.T

  • pikachulolo1

    here is a pic opps neveer mindddd

  • pikachulolo1

    i want to go play aj now brb btw if u want to buddy me my use name is pikachulolo1

  • imnuts78068

    hate to tell ya guys don’t call me a hater but postin a pic and begin aint gonna work if ya want some advice on how to win contests and crap add me I’m IMNUTS78068 not in caps hope to see ya all around

  • imnuts78068


  • imnuts78068

    btw message me cause i never have buddy requests on

  • Snackle

    I Really want a Membership
    I Started playing ago
    And it was fun.
    Animal jam would be more fun if
    i could get free membership
    P.S My name on AJ Is Lucky Happyscout

  • bunny741085

    i really want membership cause i have been playing sence 2011 and i said i will quit aj soon cause i was crying for membership so i want it bad! thx i hope i win! my user is bunny741085 good luck!
    sorry if you cant see it search my user and see my animals im not rare though

  • baileynicole

    well if u like the you like

  • claraoswin-oswald

    Please vote for me this is my 3 year on animal jam and still don’t have membership. Please vote for me it would make my day and mean so much.

  • claraoswin-oswald

    btw my username is hellothere105

  • dalek105

    Please vote for me I’ve never had a membership and I really want one so please vote for me it would mean so much.

  • snowpaw

    please vote for me i’ve never had membership and i really want one and i’d really appreciate it if u did
    my username is Bluehusky5

  • bell

    plz vote for me, i never had membership and i want 1 so much, it would really make me happy if u vote for me
    username: blueocean5

  • bell

    this is the pic

  • Brandy Green

    vote for me plz u 11123tiger11123

  • sup

    vote for me I know it is silly but my username is kaelinlove

  • shaianne

    plz vote me i need too i think its cool and fun plz plz plz plz plz plz

  • ImaAJlover

    plz vote for me! and if i get a membership i will at least give away a bow and arrow to anyone once a month or week. i have about 3 bow right now

  • ImaAJlover

    im getting as much bow as i can

  • chamar walker

    plz vote for me! and if i get a membership i be so happy!

  • flundun

    hello peoples

  • isama

    please give me membership

  • isama

    i will trade you some of my bat glasses

  • isama

    plz give me membership

  • Yours9

    I want to give my buddy free membership. His user name on Animal Jam is: Education. Btw if u want to buddy me my user name is: yours9. Oh and I hope somebody who is a non member gets the free membership! Also if u didn’t get the membership i’ll give a lucky person my membership card.Lol

  • Lvm

    plz give my membershim my user name in Animal Jam is: Karenten

    • Lvm

      plz give my membership i really wont code its my happy! plz be nice to my my name in Animal Jam is: Karenten

  • jalo

    plz give it to me my family is poor my aj user is lilpipl

  • FieryWolf

    I really want membership. I`ve been playing since 2012 and I really wanted membership but my parents won`t let me have membership. PLZ!

  • FieryWolf

    I really want membership. I`ve been playing since 2012 and I wanted membership since, but my parents won`t let me have membership. PLZ can I have a membership????????????????

  • marcus

    1realy want a membership playing since 2012

    • Pokegirl101

      Giving away my member file:
      Step one: Send me jam-a-grams!
      Step two: Wait til’ pokegirl101 sends you a jam-a-gram
      Step three: Send me a jam-a-gram when you have the chance
      Step four: I will send another jam-a-gram saying: “meet me at my den NOW”
      Step five: DON’T BE A SORE LOSER!!
      Contest start: 2/8/14
      Contest end: 2/15/14
      This photo was in 2013! Those items are gone now

      • Neonracoon

        Is this still going? I sent you a jam gram.

  • swagster2

    plz give me a membership im swagster12 it would be fun even for a couple of days

  • swagster2

    I would like a membership a lot im on animal jam every single day

  • khalil

    i want membership i’ve been playing since the game came out

  • megan

    I would so love member ship I have been playing for 2 years and I apsalutely love it!!!!

  • pearlwhisker

    i really want a membership i have been playing animal jam for a long time and my mom and dad wont let me have membership so please can i have membership here’s my account to friend me princess38357

  • pearlwhisker

    here’s my animal jam photo

    • FangPrince

      these are my bad boys
      and ill send you a buddy request im FangPrince

  • emcikas

    you buy this member to jama annd this for you always free or not

  • emcikas

    oh you buy this member to jama and this always free or not plz ask me i want a member i want a acktric wolf!

  • alex778

    My animal.
    Hope you like my picture if you dont doesn’t matter.
    I will just have to live with no membership
    Here is my awesome animal


  • kaylynn

    I want to win

  • xiaoxian

    i want to be a members

  • dr.who fan girl

    i would really like to b a member so i can see what its like so i wont want it or want it enough to buy my own account:)

    • A member

      Fun and boring at same time
      You get to buy stuff with diamonds, and new releases, rare monday. But guys will go chasing, and FRIEND REQUEST SPAM from nons

  • pinkie pie

    please i really want a membership

    • stealeraj

      that is the worst seal in the world poopy pie!

      • sadie r

        thats mean

  • pinkie pie

    my user name daringdo8

  • Bluelover13245

    It Does Not Let Me Put The Pic Of Me On But U CAn Search Me Up I’m Bluelover13245. PLZ MAKE ME A MEMBER I’VE BEEN DREAMING FOR 1 AND I’VE BEEN ON ANIMALJAM FOR MANY YEARS AND I HAVEN’T GOT 1 YET!!!!!!!!!!

  • yuggf

    My rabbit. Please I have NEVER been a member.

    • ramona

      that’s so cute

    • firefox40401

      hey i no you yes you do??

      • chloe

        plz vote for me ive been playing for 5 years and have NEVER been a member it would be so great my user is prettygal28 pass is lovesoccer plz vote for me bye!! and plz dont hack my account :(

  • firefox40401

    plz let me have the membership i need really bad for my neice she has cancer and the will dye on july 4,2014 thats how long she gots and i she ever wanted was to be a member on aj

    • Hider

      As if to lie about your niece and cancer for membership is very sad

      • firefox40401

        i didn’t lie i can tell you what type of cancer a a pic of her : she has nasopharyngeal

  • angelina

    plz let me have membership i really need it to get a Egeal

  • emcikas

    plz tell me you get a member yes ? and this every month for u free?

    • emcikas

      plz tell me you get a member yes?and every month for u fee or not?

  • rhett

    hi its me rhett pick me

  • joeren

    vote me i am the cutest

  • Guest

    My name is RainDashie in AJ!

  • RainDashie

    Here, my name is RainDashie.

  • Thalia

    I hope I can win

  • Thalia

    here is my name too Enderman1134!

  • NND
  • Famous Bestfriendsforever

    please i really need and if you vote for me i will sure vote for u too !!

  • shiverwolf500

    Plz i paid for membership and did not get it!
    username: shiverwolf500

  • stealeraj

    i want it! plz vote for me i am happywheel101!

  • janei

    pick me plz

    • Lily Anna

      I only like your’s and i don’t know WHY!

      • dj

        SHE ALREADY GOT ONE SHE IS CHEATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    I hope you like my Wolf I really wanted Membership Please Vote me! I love you guys and Animal Jam <3

  • Pandora’sStolenHeart

    Please pick me the username is Nightfurydragonroar please if you know anime im a very a big fan of anime i love anime so much if you don’t nooooooo……u dont like animeT_T

  • Pandora’sStolenHeart

    Hi i wanted a membership so i can have a Fox and racoon animal in Animaljam i hope you enjoyed the photo the username is Whitelacrima


  • Pandora’sStolenHeart

    Ohhh…and i’m sorry cause i am a guest little a while ago true i was so freaking out because love anime so much and i’ll be giving away my other account.



    I hope you enjoy my account she’s a tiger and non-member im sorry but i think you can make it a member i don’t care if you made her as a member ok i will visit my account like everyday i think or sometimes because i don’t use her tough i only use Whitelacrima,Lacrima,Themaiden,Theskybunny and Nightfurydragonroar so that’s all if you already taked the account thank you very much add me in facebook the name is
    Yurika Chan the picture is from Aikatsu and with a pokemon eve hope you added my facebook account the other was popular the name was Wendy Chan she got 1000 or 2000 friends i think.But i cant open her account so that’s all thank you for reading if you read my message
    arigato desu~

  • Ana Ferk

    Hi guys!

    I realy want to be member on the Animal jam.
    I hope that u choose me.
    User: animallover42454

    Pass: ana123

  • avery

    plz pick me me never one:{

  • warriorcats412

    i really want a membership cause my friends brag about it i always wanted it plz i beg of u username:warriorcats412

  • aya

    If i was a member i would buy every animal on animal jam

  • aya

    and plz vote for me

  • aya

    i have never been a member in my whole life

  • melita fernandes

    plz vote for me :( i have tried a lot for getting membership in animal jam :(
    please vote ill vote for u too guests vote for me too plz :) thankz:D

  • audrey

    plz I need one

    I have played this,for two yeas and never had a membership

  • Katy

    Plz choose mine!

  • cat


  • fairy icy belle

    plz choose me i am very poor in jamaa world and i cant talk to liza

  • fairy icy belle

    plz choose me i am very poor in jamaa world and i cant talk to liza ok all listten plz choose me only

  • fairy icy belle

    vote for me plz

  • Profesora

    I love this photo, I don’t know about you.

  • dj

    PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me HAVE THAT FREE MEMBER SHIP I HAVE CANCER AND BRAIN DISEASE AND ALSO my dad died :C I AM VERY SAD :’C oh user thehhh pass animal jam PLZ DONT HACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just put the free member ship on PLZ BEG YOU I AM GOING TO DIE IF YOU DONT CHOOSE ME I WILL KILL MY SELF

    • Profesora

      Nice trick yo

    • jammer66

      ha ha so funny that is really mean to everyone who will die!
      you are plain greedy and a liar..
      I’m disappointed I was going to vote for you but not anymore! I will put my vote for a honest person

  • dj

    and i die intil tommorrow !!!! SO HURRY AND PICK PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dj

    vote for me IM DIEING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :C

  • bianca lupse


  • kiry

    please vote for me, my BFF is a member and she can go to places that i cant…. All this game, for me, is about SOCIALIZATION!!! so please please vote for me…..: )

  • jammer66

    please vote me because I really would enjoy being a member!
    if you vote for me I promise I will vote for you!
    thank you for reading this and please vote for me!!!!

  • kaneko04

    plz vote for me I would like to own a cocoa machine at lest for 1 day. by the way how do ii get a giraffe.