Gummy Bear – Music Video

YouTube Channel: ilikechocolate123344

So the other day I was on youTube doing my daily search for Epic fail videos when I came across an Animal Jam music video.  The video above is the Gummy Bear song!  The video is popular amongst many Jammers and has over 85,000 views!!!  I still enjoy this special version of this song…

Yes I’m a gummy bear. I’m a gummy bear
*dances wildly in computer chair* ^_^

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  • wolfmakerrulesonaj

    add me i am wolfmaker

  • wolfmakerulesonaj

    i really am not famus lol

  • wolfmakerulesonaj

    i wish i was

  • wolfmakerulesonaj

    so BUDDY ME

  • wolfmakerulesonaj

    i might have 100 buddies but you can just jam a gram me :D


    hi peeps

  • icecreamella

    cool and hi animal jam