Sarepia Forest Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam?  Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Sarepia Forest Journey Book locations.  You will receive a Treehouse for completing the list.

Sarepia Forest Journey Book

Sarapia Forest

Animal Jam Locations

mushroom and tree sap

Moss – bottom right of map.
Mushroom – bottom right of map.

Fireflies and Tree

Fireflies – Middle left of map. Appear and disappears.
Termites – middle left of map.


Woodpecker – middle of map, appears at a hole in tree. Hides.


Raven – Top center of map. Appears every 5-10 minutes.

snail and poison ivy

Snail – slowly moves at the bottom left
Poison Ivy – appears at the bottom left of map


Chipmunk – top center of map, appears and hides.

Giant Horned Owl

Giant Horned Owl – top right of map. flies in every 10 minutes.


Skunk – Bottom left of map, walks by fireplace and hides.

Animal Jam Reward


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    Thanks a lot Animal Jam i now got a tree house that my pets sit in my two hamsters sparkle ton, toy pup my three snakes fruity,twilight,fling cat,one puppy bronx, one cat, sing along,one turtle shiny,one sea horse called fang and they all say
    THANK YOU From me aswell Thank you

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