Playable Character: Arctic Wolf

arctic wolf

These amazing new animals are ONLY available through the Arctic Wolf Gift Card! The Arctic Wolf Gift Card comes with the new arctic wolf, a huge gem bonus, and a three-month Animal Jam Club membership.

The Animal Jam Arctic Wolf is one of the coolest playable characters. The arctic wolf is perfect for players who are assertive, leaders, and cool.

Here are some interesting facts about arctic wolves:

  • The Arctic Wolf only has 3 predators: Humans, polar bears, and other wolves.
  • No other wolf in the world has the same coloring as the arctic wolf.
  • Because it is extremely cold where the arctic wolf lives, they have two thick layers of fur.
  • Arctic wolves also learned how to survive on fat stored in the body instead of needing food as often as other species of wolves do.
  • Arctic wolves have padded paws that are designed to offer them a good grip when they walk or run since the ground is always frozen.

Do you have any interesting facts about arctic wolves?  If so then leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list!

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