Mt. Shiveer Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam?  Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Mt. Shiveer Journey Book locations.  You will receive a Red Panda Plushie for completing the list.

Mt. Shiveer Journey Book

Mt Shiveer

Animal Jam Locations

flowers and tree

Himalayan Poppy – Bottom left of map, next to tent.
Juniper – very bottom of map

Hawk Moth

Hawk Moth – very fast and small. hides. appears mid right of map.

jumping goat

Himalayan Tahr – Appears every 10 minutes. Hides. Very top center of map

Lava Pit

Permafrost – middle of map


Lemming – appears middle right of map. hides.


Partridge – appears middle left of map, next to fire pit. Hides.
Gold Strand – middle left of map, next to cave entrance

Red Panda

Red Panda – Bottom right of map. climbs bamboo and hides.


Slate – middle left of map. above tent. under cracked water.


Yak – Top left, in the background.

Animal Jam Reward

Red Panda Plushie

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  • juliblue

    my daughter is an avid player- but she is also very musical- she is trying to locate any background music in the game. Do you know who wrote the tunes? Or is there a way to find a credit for the music writer? I am not as familiar w/world, and just wanted to help her find this.
    thanks in advance! juliblue

    • Skye Pie

      Yeah sure, I’ll get the music in mp3 format for you and make a post with links. Expect it in the next day or so!

  • tamapanda

    i love the reward!

  • Animallover

    This really helped! I had one left and it looked like a blob (it turned out to be sleet) and I couldn’t find it anywhere! As a last resort I looked it up online and found this. I am a plushie collector and had already gotten the reward from a trade, but I am to either trade with it OR keep it because they are really cute. Anyway, thanks for making this!

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    this is very helpful! thank you! :)

  • animaljamlover

    this is my arctic wolf i had when i waz a member :)

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    Thanks so much this helps so much as well as the other ones you made the goat was mad at me and didn’t come out lol :Y

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  • Astraya20

    Omg! I couldn’t find it at all. Then I watched this video- BAM! Thank you guys so much!

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