Kani Kove Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Kani Kove Journey Book locations.  You will receive a Toy Boat Pond for completing the list.

Kani Kove Journey Book

Kani Kove

Kani Kove Journey Book Locations


Cormorant – middle of map – moves from left to right
Sea Urchin – left of sunken ship
Parrotfish – hidden in the flowers to the left of sunken ship
Sea Snake – Hiding in barrel


Nautilus – bottom of map – moves from left to right
Conch – bottom of map – moves from left to right

Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark – swims along top of map. hides


Manatee – Swims along top of map, hides.

Cuttlefish and Shrimp

Cuttlefish – translucent. swims back and forth at bottom of map. hides. along bottom.
Shrimp – scuttles around bottom of map. appearing and disappearing. bottom right.

Kani Kove Journey Book Gift

Toy Boat Pond

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  • rylan

    thanks it was helpful

  • ciara


  • Kika

    Somehow the snake doesnt come out for me, and yes i been waiting for it!

  • megan

    cant get the snake out the barrel

  • Gravy

    you gotta click the barrel to get the snake out