Crystal Reef Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Crystal Reef Journey Book locations.  You will receive a Pufferfish Plushie for completing the list.

Crystal Reef Journey Book

Crystal Reef

Animal Locations


Pufferfish – middle of map – moves from left to right
Feather Duster Worm – below store door
Tube Sponge – middle of map


Humpback Whale – middle of page, moves very slowly


Swordfish – middle bottom of the map – moves from left to right
Brain Coral – very bottom of the map


Staghorn Coral – middle of page, next to lobster, above the store
Clownfish – pops out of green shrubbery, top left
Lobster – above the store. hides.
Flounder – Hidden below the store sign
Barnacles – Middle left


Stingray – located at the very bottom, next to sign, moves.

Animal Jam Gift

pufferfish plushie

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  • John Davidson

    These are great books Good thing you write these books. It’s a big help for every kids and they will surely love to read it.

  • elena

    the stupid clown fish isnt coming out…

    • Hannah Zhang


      • Osha

        It’s crazy!!!!!!! it’s so dumb!!!!!!!!

        • Coolguy33515

          i managed to get it out easily

  • tamapanda

    the stupid clownfish isnt either! annoying!

  • tamapanda

    i hate it!
    rest of the things are great

  • Khaoz

    People, if you just sit there for twenty minutes, the fish will eventually come out

  • :C

    Clownfish is not comming out.

    • Gabija Gabriella Riaukaite

      You have to click the green grass thing

      • Coolguy33515

        Its called ‘ coral’ dude

  • :C

    Nvm He came out :D

  • Marceline14809

    Your missing one which is the pink coral and i cant find it any where

    • YOLO

      that pink coral is not under the jelly fish sign it is the one under it :)

  • geniusfox32

    thx sssooooooo much
    i completed my journeybook because of this site
    thx a lot

  • MATT


  • Minty

    I can’t get the flounder to come out. O.o

    • Bean

      u have to click the spot where the clown fish is suppose to come out ^.^

    • beautifulwolf4664

      it takes forever

  • ruby

    i found every thing in all my journey book

  • SkyHaleyAJ

    thx it helped so much!!!

  • Meowth

    I need the coral thing a ma jiggy

  • Coolguy33515

    what coral thing-a-ma-jiggy?

  • Coolguy33515


  • lola

    actually, the brain coral is wrong. it is the bigger one. it is the one that is really close to the one they have in the cheat picture. ur welcome.

    • Shelby Cottrell

      yeah i noticed that too. they should really fix it.

  • cheese life with animal jam

    ommmgmgggggggg I cant find the yellowish orange coral

    • meow

      I cant even find it


    i have found them all. i am not trying to brag. honest!

  • DragonSoulAJ

    clownfish wont come!!!!

  • Sydnee Scoresby

    It was so easy to find them all. Go to Appondale and Bahari Bay, those ones are pretty easy too. At least to me they were. Not trying to brag. :)

  • Bepper

    This made it to easy to find all of them the clown fish wasn’t coming out until i looked away then i didn’t get it :Y lol

  • Poo

    i cant find the whale no matter what

  • Superdude552

    OMG very helpful thank you!

  • coco

    thank you soooooooooooo munch this is my last ones

  • coco


  • Elyse

    I think I found a minor mistake…I got most of the plants and animals before I came onto this page (looking for the rest). The correct brain coral is not the one on the bottom right…it is the one to the left of that one (the bigger one). Other than that, your information was close to 100% correct! Thank you so much for putting this much time and effort into this blog. I (and many others) really appreciate it!

  • Elyse

    Oh, and by the way…the clownfish takes FOREVER to come out. You have to sit there for anywhere from five to ten minutes…I recommend doing this one last! Or, at least looking for others while you are still near the surface.

    • Name

      click on the shrub that the clownfish is hiding behind

      • arcticpenguin661

        OMG it works!

  • silvermist1016AJ

    you forgot the staghorn coral >. >

  • lol

    God that clownfish is so slow

    • rosmister

      i know!

  • lunalovegood1223

    that was really helpful! :)

  • AnimalJam

    oh the clown fish was easy for me, i just clicked the plant it was hiding in

  • Aj rocks

    clownfish is easy ik

  • Abigail Fletcher

    The whale won’t come out!!! :(

  • TRC

    The clownfish won’t come out :((

    • pie


  • TRC

    still waiting…

  • TRC


  • TRC


  • littleleopard11 Gamez

    I cant get the Pufferfish to come out

  • Silver

    i cant find the clownfish too…so im searching for nemo xD

    • Dew

      It helps a lot to click the green plant the clownfish hides in. c:

  • all about them nails

    the snake yellow snake won’t come out

  • chiara

    i like animal jam ♥~♥ my cp :Captain Magic Wolf

  • AJ All-Knowing

    Need the clown fish? Click the coral!
    Btw, owner of site, CAN’T GET THE SWORDFISH!

  • nicole19 > Famoust jammer ever

    No autos today soz.
    AYYYY, hai ppls.