Coral Canyons Journey Book Locations

Do you need help finding the animal locations in Animal Jam?  Well you’re in luck! Here’s a complete list of all Coral Canyons Journey Book locations.  You will receive a Cactus Chair for completing the list.

Coral Canyon Journey Book

Coral Canyons

Animal Jam Locations


Honeybee – middle center

coyote and cardinal

Coyote – appears in the distant background, top. hides.
Cardinal – flies in at the top. rests on branch. hides.


Dandelion – middle right, next to waterfall


Peregrine Hawk – top right, moves quickly and hides


Gila Monster – middle below shop, hides behind bush


Woodchuck – appears on the left side and hides


Rattlesnake – appears in the middle of page and hides behind cactus


Saguaro Cactus – at the bottom of waterfall, bottom of map


Scorpion – appears on middle left of map, at the top of stairs


Tarantula – Bottom of map, hides behind cactus. Next to peppermint stairs.

Animal Jam Reward

Cactus Chair

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