Animal Jam Fox Hat

Fox HatThe rare fox hat is a highly wanted item within Animal Jam, mostly due to the fact that it can make your character adorably cute or a vicious hunter, depending on the circumstance.

It can be worn by both non-members and members, only making it more popular.

The fox hat was released on Monday, February 20, 2012 as that week Monday’s rare item. It was set as a price to 150 gems, cheaper for clearance afterwards. It was available in the famous original orange, and the rare colors dark blue, light blue, white, light orange, pink, teal, red, and purple.

As of today, you can only get the Fox Hat through trade.
Leave a comment if you want one!

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  • Kielessa

    Yes please, im kielessa. You guys are so kind. I LOVE THIS BLOG ^^

    • Skye Pie

      Don’t tell anyone about this site, shhh.. if we become popular then we’re not nearly as cool ;-)

  • LegoMicrowave

    i would like a fox hat and im not picky what colour either! my username is LegoMicrowave . Thanks your awesome and i love your blogs!

  • jade

    became member one week later after it was gone so sad plz send me one my name is truffee thanks you bye

  • twilightwolf2

    please give me fox hat my cousin really wants it

  • Melissa

    i really need one please i’ve been searching for it for months!!

  • kari

    i love animal jam and i wont a pink fox hat so bad and you can buddy me at kmmonnettinco i need that fox hat : D

    • Dragonscales10

      I have a pink fox hat mail me and we will figure something out!my username is dragonscales10

  • princess berryclaws

    oops fore animal jam princess berryclaws

  • Dragonscales10

    I have a pink fox hat mail me and we will figure something out my username is dragonscales10

  • princess berryclows

    PLEASE im not a member bt I will look good in that hat

  • Frickle Pick

    I Want a fox hat! My username is x2ne1. I have Headdress rare bow (green) and more rares!

  • emilie

    i <3 animal jam. :3 my name is Emilie too

  • mela

    hi my user is buster792 please send me a fox hat i am a member

  • Oreokat11

    i would love a fox hat!! can i have a fox hat??

  • Oreokat11

    i would like a pink and light blue please! my user is oreokat11 can you send me 2 fox hats?

  • Oreokat11

    Can you please send me fox hats? pink, purple,navy blue, or light blue will do! please no orange! thanks!

  • Jordanthewolfy

    I really want one ;w;
    I’m Jordanthewolfy on AJ.
    Thank you soooo much!

  • Jordanthewolfy

    I really want one! i’m jordanthewolfy on AJ. I would like a purple one pleeeaasee?
    Thank you sooo much!

  • soren122413

    i really want one so bad my user is soren122413 on AJ i don’t care which just as long as i get one

  • me!!!

    i want one

  • me!!!

    also my user is imawesome40419

  • Cutiepie9044

    can u please send me one im Cutiepie9044

  • taysai

    thats mean i need them now so i can get mechanic wings i need them two of them please if you can trade me two my user name is taysai add me please

  • Emily Rose Cook

    i would love to have a fox hat as mine got scammed add me im sookie12321 and blossom22222

  • kari

    hear is some codes fore you and thy all work. 1. explore 2. birthday bash 3. 10 MILLION 4. explore 2012 this one still works. i hope thy all worked fore you and if you no any codes please tell me you can buddy me at kmmonnnettinco please do ; D

  • animaljammer


  • animaljammer

    I am bunny01616 and my other account jammer5768

  • Elizabeth Cummings

    i wish i had a fox hat…

  • rainbowspirit1971

    are you gonna give out fox hats for rare monday i really want you to even tho i already got one, IF YOU WANT TO FRIEND ME IM AWESOME MY USER IS rainbowspirit1971 BOOYA PEACE OUT!

  • Solara Wild

    Hello my user is wildnightsky i have always wanted a fox hat i hope i get one please make it happen!

  • rainbowspirit1971

    PLEASE I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A FOX HAT PLEASE MY USER IS rainbowspirit1971 i want purple one or light orange

    • rainbowspirit1971

      and i love this blog it is s cool you are awesome

  • elmo70615

    Hi, I really need a fox hat. Any color. I would blue best. all i have is a tea cup and a red sports car.


  • Sni77442

    FOX HATS CAN’T BE PURPLE! sorry caps i really mad today. Add me on animaljam! -Sni77442

  • marley

    i would love a fox hat btw this sight is so awesome my username is chaigecko

  • Paige1658

    please please please get me a fox hat? I just need 1 more and i’m good! I just need a different color, and i’m very happy! By the way, Add me! I’m Paige1658

  • Paige1658

    oh! can i just have a purple, blue or pink one? Thanks! ^_^

  • laura

    heyy i want a fox hat my user on aj is lozzy789

  • wolfy05080

    i really need one and no one will trade it they only want another colour :(

  • wolfy05080

    im wolfy05080 on aj i only want a dark blue one or red one?

  • Emma

    i want a fox hat pink! i am xkittykatx5

  • gaia

    Can i please have one I send you a code or 2

  • ilovewinter1010

    may i please have a fox hat? my user is ilovewinter1010 , and i want a fox hat to give to my best friend duckymomo342 ! please give me one! i need something to show him that he is the best friend ever!!!! :)

  • Jessica Lauren Gallacher

    hello I am princessposhfox (on animal jam) please trade me or send me a fox hat!!

    • Snowy08644

      Why let me tell you no one will :(

  • Snowy08644

    Hi my name is snowy08644 I love animal jam but no one will accept any of my trades for the fox hat and I just give up! And they have like 5 of them GRR! Bye and please respond :)

  • kiara morales

    i have been on this game for like 2 years and i finally got a fox hat when my friend hacked me. can someone PLEASE trade me a fox hat?! and please dont call me a scammer i really dont like being called that it makes me feel so bad so please and thank you. ~ warriorcatsover9909 / on Animal jam

  • monsterhigh000

    hi im monsterhigh000 and i really want a fox hat for my bff and i dont want to trade my very rare and good stuff to get one

  • monsterhigh000

    so please can you send me one

  • prettyhen

    please send me a fox hat my got fox hat got scammed 2 times and it makes me really sad my username is prettyhen you can buddy me if you want!!

  • prettyhen

    I love animal jam it helps me in and at school!:D

  • prettyhen

    hi remember i told i got scammed 2 time well please don’t call me a scammer

  • prettyhen

    please and i beg send me a fox hat i been scammed 2 times with my fox hat my username is prettyhen and please don;t call me a scammer

  • animaljamlover24

    i have been scammed countless times and last week one person scammed me for everything i owned
    please help me get a fox hat my username is 1dforever1201
    please please i beg you

  • prettyhen

    hello please send me fox hat i beg with my heart i will trade you my bows and arrows its non member my username is prettyhen

    • birdygirl12345

      i will give you my fox hat but i want the bows to be like kind of golden…..well non member!:D

      • prettyhen

        yes i have the bows you want!!

      • birdygirl


        • prettyhen

          oh ok? :,C

    • birdygirl12345

      haha i tricked you!:P

  • Jcatpilya13

    Please please please send me one my user is jcatpilya13 or jcatpilya13nm either is fine just please give me one and add me

  • elmo70615

    Hi! I’m elmo70615. I just got a fox hat and am working on a second one. i need one badly. You might ask why. It’s because a friend of mine is so nice and friendly and sent me a fox hat and i think he deserves one.

  • blackwidow121

    i want a fox hat :D my username is blackwidow121 XD peace out

  • Rustiemimicutie

    I love this blog and obviously I love to play Animal Jam in my spare time! My username is: Rustiemimicutie. Buddy me!

  • Rustiemimicutie

    I love this blog because everyone is so kind! I love to help out new jammers and show them everything that goes on in jamaa!

  • not interested in you

    i want a fox hat (not rare i dont mind if it is but i want a fox hat) so trade me one please user:fairyrainbow

  • ♫ ♪ ♥Moonwalker♥♪♫

    I have an orange fox hat, but i’m not a really big fan of orange and nobody will trade me a different color fox hat for mine! :( – AnimalLover2367

  • ♫ ♪ ♥Moonwalker♥♪♫

    I even tried trading betas and other rares!

  • frogger4000

    please tell me how to get a fox hat i even offered all my rares!!! and there good rares!!!!

  • frogger4000

    can you send me a fox hat i don’t care what color it is just send me one.
    (user: frogger4000 )

  • Alica Cantika Delia

    trade me a fox hat plzzzzz i really want 1!!!!!!!!

  • mandy1080

    I had my fox hat scammed >.<
    I do want it back… Please send 1 or trade, Username is mandy1080
    I don't mind what color, tho I am trying to get a dark red or dark blue to go with my other items, such as, Rare worn, Lollipop necklace, Bow and arrows. THANK YOU!

  • Bethdacat

    Can someone please add me whoever has a fox hat and is willing to trade it? My usermame is Bethdacat

  • abby johnson

    i want one!my username is: abidoodleabby

  • lollipop_swirl

    please.. i want it.. btw my name is : WonderfulJammers

  • febgirl

    i will trade anything for a white or red fox hat SOMEBODY PLEASE TRADE ME ONE PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my user is febgirl

  • maddy

    i want one

  • headdress now


  • renee

    is this same

  • renee

    please add me my name is animal jam is violet102246

  • renee

    in animal jam is violet102246

  • renee

    sorry its night here don’t know if good

  • renee

    anyway in animal jam my name is violet102246

  • crazymeow

    I REALLY WANT one oops caps hehe

    • tree124

      i’ll trade you one

      • prettyhen

        tree124? can you trade me one please!! oh please don’t call me a scammer.

      • prettyhen

        fox hat

  • crazymeow

    is there a way i dont have to trade?

    • tree124

      no, it ended on rare monday of febuary 20 2013

  • desirea

    yes u wont a fox hat bad add me lovehardpuppy

  • frogger4000

    please give me a fox hat or something i will even give my non member bow and rare head feather for any color fox hat

  • frogger4000

    please give me one i don’t care what color just give me one and i will give all my valuable stuff. (username on aj: frogger4000) please give me one

  • mei

    i dont have a fox hat

  • Kimberly Cao Voong

    I want one! Im koreanluver. I tried trading my green rare bow and spooky balloons but no one wants D:

  • tree124

    i want a fox hat for my rabbit and wolf can you help me i got some member and non member items so trade me please tree124.

  • tree124

    sorry forgot i have a rare on trade to so trade me i’ll do anything

  • nomnom6

    in fact I do want one, I used to have one but I traded it for a rare headdress but then traded that for a tail armor, it was a dumb idea, and I got that fox hat from sky high?? and now I spend hours on end playing sky high and only get round glasses and hat and curly wigs!!

  • Casey

    me bearsfan2354

  • Jenny

    Omg! I want one so so so so so bad!!!!

  • Jenny


    • daredevilcuteivy

      i have 2 dark blue, 3 orange, 1 peach and 1 pink fox hat. One bow and 1 pink glove and 1 purple glove. Not bragging.

  • princess magicflower

    hi i love animal jam and i would love to have a fox hat so please trade me one do not send i am not a member so trade me and if you have a pink or blue one that would be grate so you can buddy me at kmmonnettinco please do thanks : )

  • jemjem101

    can i pretty please have a fox hat i have been trying to get one forever!!!

  • zyla02

    My user name is zyla02 please let me have one pink preferred it’s for my friend or just send it to this user robinslove please and if you want I will repay you please

    • zyla02

      Never mind I got one forget it

  • kavya vaikundan

    please i need a fox hat

  • pokegirl0088

    I need a fox hat! Plz trade me one! plz im begging you!!!!! My Animal Jam name is pokegirl0088!! plzzzz

  • Mac

    User: macboinc
    Member: yes
    Reason: Mine got scammed

  • Hailey

    please send me a fox hat!!!!!! THANKS!!!!! <3 :) my username is hsvmad1234

  • Shadowfang

    Hey, pretty cool! Thanks for the information about it. I was a bit confused as of some people said you could get them from sky high. My user is Epicsoulz

  • CozImQuirkyxD

    I need a fox hat D:

  • hello

    id like a fox hat :D

  • thifer

    Awesome i love fox hats. Look me up i am: Lotesoflove86

  • Natasha Walker

    I want 1 im natasha7156, i know they were on sale 29th april 2013 but i still luv them

  • Maria

    ADD ME

  • FOX HATS!!


  • Purpleanthony

    Lol its the rare today :D

  • Izzy171

    On April 29,2013 rare item Monday you can get the fox hat for 1,250 gems.

  • ardesere

    todays rare was the fox hat and it was 1250 gems ^.^ i bought 11 of them

  • luluhuang

    friggin add me my user is 123luluhuang

  • stephyyip123

    I want one! My name is stephyyip123 on animal jam and i would love to have a lot of rares!


    I SUPER DUPER WANT A FOX HAT!!! I am flowerfairy12314 CAn I please have a red, navy blue, pink and orange one? Or just a red one is fine with me! I love your blg!!!!!!!!!!

    • stormwolf

      Haha yeah guys shhhhhh!!!! I had a red fox hat and then someone came along and scammed me… :(

      • celebritystar

        some one did that to me too with my orange one :(

  • Marienne

    I REALLY REALLY WANT A FOX HAT!! Pease send me one i am Articface123 :)

  • lillylox

    I love animal jam i wish i could play it all my life and i wish i had a pink fox hat really badly :(

  • Gracefulswan

    Who wouldn’t want a fox hat? I missed last Rare Item Monday and it was a fox hat! :( Yes I’d like one!

  • Sunnimi

    Ahhhh omg I would love a fox hat of any color! My username is Sunnimi <3 thank you so so so much

  • Rypawz

    Omg i so want one so bad because i didnt know this and this mean arctic wolf made fun of me and said i was poor…. i didnt know and traded a rare blue lei for one… My username is Zaboo109.
    BTW best blog EVA!!!! :D

  • Rypawz

    dont worry i wont tell ppl about this site :P

  • Zaboo109

    I really want a foxhat, just not normal orange or peach cuz i have those…. i traded blue lei for peach one, i made my username after Zuboomafu when i was 6 except i spelled it wrong so now i look like i read Zaboo comics (but i dont)
    IM~~~~ Zaboo109

  • michelle

    i want fox hat please i want the pink red and blue my username is glimmerings please

  • cameron trujillo

    can i get one to it is babatru1910 can i get a purple one please???

  • hasallfoxhats

    there is no teal

  • hasallfoxhats

    btw awesome blog :D

  • cutehorse378

    I want one my user is cutehorse378 on aj

  • sara

    Im jadegem2234 please let me have one im member i want pink or red or blue

  • RUkia

    please give me one!

  • Martina

    I want a fox hat so bad! Doesn’t matter what color or anything! Thanks(: My username is fluffycutepanda

  • Guen! :3

    I would really like a White, Purple, and Light Orange. Don’t wanna sound greedy. Even one is fine with me! I’m Gjbradbury9090 on AnimalJam!

  • Samantha

    i need rares. I will make amazing videos to post on Youtube if i get a rare sent to me. You will guest star in the videos if you do. One day i will give you a special thanks. If you send me a rare, i will send you a code, and a present, My user is KITKAT4546

  • Samantha

    if you are first to send me a rare, i will thank you on every video i make. Just an FYI, it will take a while to make a video. I will need to get certain software,.

  • Samantha

    the present of who sends me the first rare will be a rare

  • lauren

    please can I have one oring

  • lauren

    I really really want one no-one trades me

  • lauren

    could you trade with me my name is on animal jam is twinkle76030

  • pbella07AJ

    please send me LIGHT BLUE or WHITE AND RED for my bff im pbella07

  • Jenna

    I have one but my friend wants one so bad!

    My username is LPSTitan222 so send me one and I’ll be grateful! My friend will thank you over and over-please make the color a regular orange.

  • aleen50

    i really want a fox hat or headdress just send me it ( i would really like a headdress mine got scammed :( ) my user name is aleen50

  • ariana

    can i have a fox hat ? my friends got scammed and i really want to do something nice for her

  • Destiny

    i want one SUPER BADLY!!!! send me one! (user: sealiepuppy)

  • candy

    I WANT A FOX HAT i am ok with any color other than oranger i would prefer light blue purple or white maybe pink oh and dark blue my user name is “delphiniumfield” no caps no spaces (naturally) and no numbers

  • Adeline

    Hello. I am new to this blog. What is the name of this blog btw? Also please add me, i’m cihuahualand. I also love playing Animal Jam. Love your blog. I also send you a Jam – A – Gram.

    PS: If you have red fox hat, come to me. I have dark blue fox hat for trade

    - Princess Poshpaw.

  • angel

    what is the code dumb dumb?

  • angel

    What is the code?

  • angel

    with my pleasure i have decided tomorrow I will give away 5 free non member passwords and username on animal jam.

  • angel

    Ok so my pleasant non member account give away is…………..

  • angel

    First use: Ilovehamsters2much pass:bunnygirl2005
    Sorry if I said three accounts. If you did not get one comment me and i will make you one with all non member codes if you do not want a tiger here are the codes non memeber: bemybuddy gives you 100 gems,birthdaybash gives you a second birthday cake,NGKIDSROX gives you 1,000 gems.Member codes P.S. I know just a little soooo sorry if they are expired.So here they are BFF4EVER,Speedy. Than k you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel

    hey I just got memebrship yesterday!What you dont trust me? here is my username:kn2012!

  • emily

    i really need one my username on animal jam is emi357

  • emily

    any colour

  • Rosy19283

    i have four different colors of fox hats trade me. im rosy19283 I am also looking to complete my collection of fox hats. If i am not on, please send me a buddy request and ask to trade later.

  • rosy19283

    I’ve never seen a purple fox hat. rosy19283 here again. So i have light blue, dark blue, white (never trading unless overpay) and light orange. I am looking for red and pretty much all the others.

  • Leah

    Hello,I am Wolf30321,non-member, And I’ll Go CRAZY if I don’t get one soon…
    Can I have one please?

    • Leah

      Well I won’t be for long.

    • Leah

      I don’t care about the color

    • Leah

      Sorry I mean Wolf30351

    • Leah


  • Leah

    Hello, I am Wolf30351, Non-member(not for long), And I If I Don’t Get one soon,I’LL GO CRAZY!!!!!! (I don’t care about the color)

    • Leah

      Actually i’m Wolf30321

      • Leah

        And I’m a member now

  • Emma

    hey i’m babypumpkin05 please give me a white fox hat i’m a member this is a cool blog!

  • blabbyhappy

    could you guys send me one plz i really want the purple one my username is blabbyhappy plz guys

  • tasneem

    hi i have been looking for a rare light blue fox hat for weeks only i cant find 1!!!!! i tried trading all my rares but no! please send me a light blue fox hat or dark blue. My user name is tasneem2003. Please if you did i would really appreciate it! :D

  • wafi

    can u plz send me a red fox hat? i really want 1 and im going crazy for it!!!! my user name is cool9880. plz do and by the way…. U R EPIC!!!!!!!!! if im not on just buddy me and when i get on please send me a fox hat!

  • wolf

    Could I have a light orange and a red fox hat please I am trying to collect them and I just really want one no TWO please my user name is saelise

  • monday12344

    can I please have a fox hat my user is kool1919 can I have a dark blue one

  • Gisellaremix1579

    I want one.

  • Rockgirlland

    Can you please send me one? My username is rockgirlland… Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  • Jordyn Stoner

    i want a red one rly bad

    my user name is jordynicstone im a non memebr so no gifts

    • derpaherpXD

      i have a red one. whats your offer for it?

  • Moonlight232129

    Now EVERYBODY wants a bow and arrow, I traded my dark blue fox hat for a persons purple bow and arrow, then i traded that bow for a green one and that one for a brown one witch i still have…….. If u wanna trade my bow for a red or black one, my user name is: oakmoss :D

  • PrincessFireCat1220

    i want one my username is ilovecutekoalas

  • Rosemary Buss

    I’d love for my granddaughter to have a fox hat, her user name is tennis92413, her name is rosy frillywolf

    • irene

      I want one to tell her to add me my user is adisionlol ill send her a friend request tell her to add me im 10

  • derpaherpXD

    could you please send me one? i would absolutely love it if you did!! i prefer a white one. thanks!! my user is emmabear321

  • Hockeyrules1716

    i would like one my username is applevalleyhockey thanks you

  • Hockeyrules1716

    i am applevalleyhockey and i am a non member so no gifts

  • Minecraftlover1996

    I really want a red one I’m DJMinecraftloverz112 and I’m a non member so PLZZZZ get me one you could not hack me cuz and accept my trade….

  • _mistyshadow_

    me please I really want a white one! my user name is cutepuppy6757

  • ariel

    i want onee and i want the red one and my user is arielbowers1234

  • astrid

    i neeeeddddd one !!!

  • hehe

    i want a bow and arrow or mech wings or fox hat, whatever you have! trade with me when im online. username is Rockitteer

  • ola

    geuss what a jammer scammed i sent my rare for fox hat and he ran away with all good thing and my animal is wolf2340 buddy her please

  • arcticwolf

    i want one please how do you get bow and arrow?

  • Ally Fabray

    I want one im astrocosmlovebug , also how do you get a free membership?

  • lily

    please can I have a light blue fox hat!! my user name is amyrose5000.

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile


  • dinosaur4000

    well i am dinosaur4000 and i just got scammed loseing my fox hat so i left a comment

  • pebblesmac

    I am desperate for a fox hat. Can I please have one My name is pebblesmac

  • bunny2810

    i would really want one my name is bunny2810

  • Shrimpzilla

    Trade me a fox hat! I have good trades! My name is Shrimpzilla.

  • Shrimpzilla

    I really want a fox hat! Please trade me on AJ!



  • dalmationlover01

    i want one please send me 1 i’m @dalmationlover01 i don’t care what color just not orange please but if you have to send me orange i’m fine with that. Ok thanks

  • Random

    I would like one I am Laughingheart

  • pawpawsgirl2

    Dear mr.brady .B I was wondering if you could gladly make me a special purple fox hat I adore your website and daughter, your biggest fan Camille.

  • guest

    i need one nobody will trade me

  • dashund8

    please give me a fox hat I have no rares or anything the best thing I have is a bow from jamaaday :( please help. dashund8

  • LisaM73

    I want a fox hat. My user name is Mommyofsydandcaity. Thanks!!!

  • Thalia

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeee, give me fox hat iv’e been wanting one for 4 mothes!

    • Tara (Paige1658)

      Why don’t we try trading? But, trade fairly! I have about 3 or 4 fox hats. I’m Paige1658.

  • Mom2two

    Forgive me for not completely understanding all of this, my daughter has an Animal Jam account and she said that someone scammed her she traded something and did not get the fox hat. So I googled how to get a fox hat. Do you have one for trade?

  • Thalia

    I would only take white & red fox hats, or dark blue fox hats :)

  • Fabionna12

    I will trade anything to get any color fox hat search me on animal jam my user name is fabionna12. :D I have rare items and cool den and clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tara (Paige1658)

      I have a few fox hats, so i’m willing to trade. But, what kind of rares do you have? I’ll trade you depending on your list.

    • Strosseli

      Hello, friend me, I am strosseli and I can trade you for rares. Thank you for reading.

  • Sabrina Newton

    My username is leorules1. Please i need it!!!

  • Sabrina Newton

    Trade me i have three member items even though im not a member!! im leorules1

  • peppermint rules

    please trade me one fox hat

  • peppermint rules

    i have a lot of stuff

  • peppermint rules

    and btw my fox hat got scammed just yesterday!

  • peppermint rules

    please trade me one fox hat:D

  • Strosseli

    Hey people! Listen up! I 2 bow and arrows for trade for only other colors of bow and arrows! And I also have 2 fox hats for trade! So trade me! My User is Strosseli ! TRADE ME FOR IT!

  • alli

    they came back as Monday rare so they not that rare anymore,,,,xp

    • Strosseli

      What do you mean?

  • jaymie

    red fox hat plz! jaytapdance1

  • madison’s mom

    Help… my Daughter got scammed out of her rare fox hat today. Is there anyone that can help me get her one?

  • djmightycoolwolf

    help i got scammed my 8 fox hats djmightycoolwolf

  • TanjaBug

    Hi, I’m TanjaBug. Can I please have a light blue fox hat? My orange one is on trade.
    Or any of my good things on trade. Please trade me one!

  • Strosseli

    It’s me Strosseli again. *waves Hello* :3. I still have 2 fox hats and 2 bows, Come on people, start trading or I will give them to other people, Remember, my user is Strosseli.

    • missmegan211

      i sent u a buddy request im missmegan211 please trade me a bow or fox hats!

  • Strosseli

    Now I have 3 fox hats.

  • Juliecoolgirl

    I havnt got ANY fox hats! ive been trying to get one for weeks months and years!
    I guess its just no use. I wont try any more I give up ive been trying to get a fox hat for days worse weeks even worse! months! the badest of all YEARS!
    I need a fox hat rare if you have one.

    • Strosseli

      Hey, I have three in stock, so I friended you and I can help you with it.

      • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    Hello, my fellow jammers here is my up-date. I have more rares now, and I am no member But I am a successful trader with my items. Thank you and remember to friend me if you want anything, My user is Strosseli. Thankz!

  • Strosseli

    Okay listen you jammers, fox hat’s don’t look good on everyone, I am just giving you tips,
    They look good on wolves, foxes, seals, kangaroos, snow leapords, and maybe koalas, So all off you other’s don’t fight to have one because you will trade it right after because of it not looking good, But listen to my next comment, it is important, this is strosseli!

  • Strosseli

    It’s Strosseli again :P, LISTEN UP ALSO, I usually trade my bows and fox hts for other color’s of fox hats or bows, but some times im nice and will give you it for a good deal for you, not me, Maybe like my fox hat for different color raccoon hats for other bracelts and stuff, so friend me or your missing out, Peace out, and if you don’t know my user, it’s Strosseli, Peace out my Jammers!

  • Strosseli

    SITE OWNER BROTATO! Are you ever on to talk to your fans, because im one of them, You are real smart to make this. People have gotten things they wouldn’t have gotten with out you brotato. Bye, this is strosseli

  • AnimalJamMakesMeSmile2


    • cool cat

      YOU ARE SO LUCK :’(

  • Baconingnarwhal

    I’ve been dying for a fox hat :c I’ve even offered my rarest plushies for a fox hat, that the person had THREE of ! If anyone can help me out id appreciate it a lot
    username Baconingnarwhal

    • Strosseli

      I can help you there.
      My name is Strosseli, friend me and I can give you one for a good trade.

      • cool cat


  • ScourgeTheKiller

    Is there any chance that the fox hat will be welcomed back into Animal Jam for a week or so? I’m DESPERATE for a fox hat!!!!!

  • animaljamlover

    i want a fox hat so bad

  • 123wendy

    i want a spike so so so so bad peeps

  • 123wendy

    ya guys iwant spike so back ok i mean bad sowwy hahahahahaha

  • spiker

    i want spike two dude

  • spiker

    user minecraft179 is my use

  • 123wendy

    sorry i a’m girl
    ok b bye

  • Alexandra

    my user is alexa42587, I trade fairly! I would like a fox hat of any color.

  • cool cat

    OMG ineed one 0.0

  • cool cat

    i need a fox hat so bad i tried trading them my bow and arrow i am HV85278

  • Strosseli

    Hey, OKay well now Hole new status in Aj, I now have light blue fox hat with a dark red one, and also one more orange. I now have 3 bows, red and black, pink, and a purple one. I have 2 rare back packs and 2 member rare boots. freedom glove, purple locket, and white and red feather hat! Tank you Ajerz, My user is Strosseli. And I will mention it every time lol. <3

  • cool cat

    can i please have one i am desprit :’(

  • cool cat

    please coolcat is HV85278

  • cool cat

    just any color!!!!!! let me check my account lol i am HV85278

  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    this is my player

  • cool cat

    i am HV85278

  • Strosseli

    OKay listen up You newbies or what ever.
    I will not always say yes. And u have to have something good to trade me and if you are going to say mean things about me that’s on you, embarrassing your self not me, Any one who mentions me about saying no will get me ticked and that’s not good, you hear me, So what im saying is don’t trade me if you don’t have anything to trade with, duh dur. Understand, And I am not that bad girl for this, I am trying to help those who have some thing good to give back. So if you are going to trade me or want me to help u out and give you pointers or tips or codes, ask me. Thankz -_- Thanks for having to make me do that lecture cool cat, And I hope you read it.

  • Strosseli

    And cool cat, if you want to trade me again go right ahead, just try to get some good things.

  • cool cat

    ok i was just mad

    • Strosseli

      Yeah it’s fine.

  • cool cat

    OMG I GOT A FOX HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thANKS TO STROSSELI

  • Strosseli

    Lol No prob CoolCat!

    • cool cat

      you are a merical

      • Strosseli

        Thankz Im happy to Help.

  • cool cat


  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    :3 Smiles back, OKay so people please try to follow me, who ever reads my comments.

  • Strosseli

    Ooopps, Got to go to bed, Bye Jammers.

  • cool cat

    me again XD

  • cool cat

    me me me HV85278 remeber to add me!!!!! !!!

  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    WELL i am going to talk XD

  • cool cat

    i have one ^-^

  • cool cat

    good mornig :D

  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    What!??!! How, what’s the name, tell me now!

  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    that is his name

  • cool cat

    he told me close your eyes when i trade you so i did and he scammed me :’(

  • Strosseli

    I will find him, don’t worry.

  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    Okay, Everyone listen up, There is a stealer in trades called bonnylala and this little rabbit looks harmless but he’s not, Message me if u have something to say.

  • cool cat


  • Strosseli


  • cool cat


  • Strosseli


  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    OKay now 4 bow an arrows, PLease try to trade because I know u want one – Strosseli

  • cool cat

    … …. …………………………………..

  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    Hey, It’s meh again :3 I still have fox hats and now 3 bows hunz.

  • Nonny8

    My username is nonny8 and I want a fox hat!!! Please!

    • cool cat

      i would give you mine but i got scammed

  • LuckyFox2013

    my use name is LuckyFox2013 i’m non membership i want a WHITE FOX HAT

  • cool cat

    i need ones i willl die for one PLEaSE TRADE ME MY RARE CAT HAT FOR ONE IT IS NONE MEMBER I AM HV85278

  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    and i lost it :’(

  • cool cat


  • Strosseli

    EVERYONE LISTEN UP! This user puppydogusa10 Is a scammer She got my two bows every one lets get my bows back and you get a reward! Report her, threatin, do anything u can. PLease I wil give you fox hats and rares I need my bows back please everyone HELP I am Strosseli

  • Strosseli

    So if you hear this pup, Your dead meat, I will track you down for my bows, Believe it you little biatc* Got it, And I hope you are offended. Don’t mess with me [:D, Smiles, im going to kill you!

  • cool cat

    i tried but no…. he diddent buy it

  • Strosseli

    Darn. It’s fine.

  • cool cat


  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    ow i look good

    • kaylee

      u do
      buddy me people i am ajjammers13

  • cool cat


  • Victoria

    I want one now

  • Rebecca Strehlow

    I want one!!!

  • cool cat


  • cool cat

    now i have rare glasses nerdy ones lol

  • cool cat

    got scammed lost spike tail armor rare nerdy glasses please help me her user is chelsa89827

  • cool cat

    someones please ban chelsa89827

  • Sweetninetales039

    Would like one red if you are kind enough to send it to sweetninetales039 and if not red any colour except pale orange and white please! Ps I am a member

  • Sweetninetales039

    Rally want t asap

  • brynlee

    i have never gotten a fox hat

  • aleczsia

    i want

  • cheasl

    can have one my user is kaymaki1 plz mail me one an color plz thnxs

  • Foxgirl66

    i have a teal fox hat. this is what my fox looks like if you want to find me

    • Bunny Lovers

      Aww.. Your fox r so cute! Plus if you make your fox’s color with the secret color. Light blue.

  • Strosseli

    Hey it’s me Strosseli, You guys rock, and I still have good items, Only trade me if you have something good, because I don’t want you guys commin up to me and trying to trade me something I already can just go buy.


    Hey, I’m Ultimatewolf85305 and well, what’s the word…I’M SOOOOO DESPERATE FOR A FOX HAT!!! PLEASE!!! I’M TELLING YOU!!! Can someone plz give me a fox hat? It’ll help me out A LOT! Plus, I’ll be very grateful!


      Plus, I would prefer if I could get a red or orange (not PALE)

  • Twinkle84787

    I want fox hat here’s my account user: sealcub44888 pass: moshibelly66 thanks AJHQ

    • Kim

      Plus me want all color fox hats!

    • hello123

      Twinkle why would you put your user name and password in that’s just really bad

  • Twinkle84787

    I am Kim I accidentally changed it!

  • Twinkle84787


    • Bunny Lovers

      Ahahahah… Your eyes and face! Soo funny!

  • Twinkle84787


  • Beetgirl10

    I am beetgirl10 and I really want a fox hat mine got scammed!!! if you or anyone would be kind enough to send me a fox hat i would be so grateful!!!!!

  • love4ever10

    please i want a fox hat my name is love4ever10

  • love4ever10

    twinkle im the person who stole ur account im helping u dude

    • Twinkle84787

      Thx and WAIT A MINUTE did u hack it? I don’t mind coz I have no items xD. I hope u put the fox hat in.

  • love4ever10

    please give me fox hats my user:love4ever10

    • animal jam lover

      Can i buddy you?

  • love4ever10

    dont hack meh

  • chloe

    why case no one would trade me and I don’t hack and I like it

  • Lilystream1921

    I want a fox hat but I prefer red or white im Lilystream1921 on AJ

    • IZZY171

      HOLY **** MEW ARIEL!

  • Quickflash12345

    i want a fox hat any color is fine

  • feebz


  • Animal jam lover

    I need a fox hat. All my buddies hove at least one. I Would perfer a white or rasberry. But any kind will do. My user is icy20053 i am a non member so trade me one or send it to me becuase i might be a member soon.

  • Kimberly Busuttil

    I want one please i beg you

  • Finnlee

    I really want one! I am a member my user is Finnlee PLEASE send me one in white, dark blue red or purple
    :( i dont have good things so i might not be able to send u things back sorry

  • annalei

    I need one someone scammed me of my pink one! Please!!!! PlEASE give me one!!!!!!!!

    • kaylee

      mine going scammed to give me any color just not pink thank u plzz give me one

  • annalei

    someone also scammed my spike rare

  • Rockgirlland

    Btw my user is rockgirlland

  • Rockgirlland

    Hi! I really want one! Can I have one in pink or light blue? If you don’t have those then any colour is fine :).


  • Rockgirlland

    Im a member so.. Send me one! Srry.. I just REALLY want one!

  • rell

    Send me one I will give u shark fin

  • rell

    My username is suelian20

  • rell

    Fjne I will trade u my shark fin onky oN snow1334111

  • rell

    ^-~ my facr

  • rell

    No mean things

  • nonny8

    I will give anyone a rare skull and a non member heart locket for any color fox hat!!!!
    my user is: nonny8

    • WINDY623

      here is my wolf on ANIMAL JAM ARE YOU LISTING TWO ME.

  • animaljamlover12345

    I have one fox hat, I’d like to get two fox hats so I could give one to anyone!

    • WINDY623

      hi this is my Toontown cat on Toontown thank you

  • Mecka23

    Please can I have some fox hats!!

    • WINDY623

      HI THIS IS ME ON ANIMAL JAM I HAVE A Articwolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WINDY623

      hi again i have a lot of cool stuff on my list

  • red

    man i have been lookin for that fox hat for ever!

    • WINDY623

      HI THIS IS ME ON ANIMAL JAM I HAVE A MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • red

    my user fo animaljam is lunacalliope635 ok friend me!

    • WINDY623

      hi this is me again

      • Bunny Lovers

        Where is your wolf? Eternal or sergeant?

      • Bunny Lovers

        I thinkk… Eternal. But yeah…

  • Nathan

    I want one! my user is mrnate2000

    • WINDY623

      hi i found my picture

      • Bunny Lovers

        From AJHQ’s blog

  • ArcticalRares

    I got a fox hat hehe add meh Arcticaleyes :3

    • WINDY623

      what is it this time

  • FoxAndRaven

    Got a rare fox hat from adventures, orange :) Trying to have a fox hat collection but got hacked a month or so ago. Still going through the adventures for another chance at making my collection bigger though. Glad you posted these, they help.
    - FoxAndRaven

  • Strosseli

    Hey, every one, I have not been on in a while, also haven’t been on in forever is animal jam. But I am on now. And of coarse I have good items, so come by and visit me, and yes I may not be able to accept your friend request so if you want to friend me, just follow me on here. Do NOT FRIEND ME ON ANIMAL JAM REPEAT! AND FOLLOW ME ON HERE! But you may message me if you are a member, and if you want to trade just find the best message on there if you want to trade with me. Thank you, and my user is Strosseli btw.

    • WINDY623

      hi i am in the fox hat thing alot thankyou i need a fox hat for all of my animals right now leave comet to me please i need someone to do it. I have a monkey bunny wolf!

      • Strosseli

        Kay, I can help, just, message me on animal jam with your username that you use on here.

        • Bunny Lovers

          Username: MagicCherry. But, I’m a nm jammer. So, give me with TRADE, not with MAIL!

    • Bunny Lovers

      I am following you. So please give me pink, white, and light blue foxhat! Please, please.

  • Jaime Reyes

    hi guys I really want a dark blue/red fox hat, im non member – my avatar is my pic I did for a contest – I have been recently hacked so I have no rare bat wings :(

    • Strosseli

      I can help.

  • WINDY623

    i am the cog crew right now from animal jam player thankyou leave a message for my cog crew got animals doing that thankou i rellay need a fox ht right now!

  • InfinitySnowyClaw

    i want one plz not for my bow though. my user is penguinlala1923

  • InfinitySnowyClaw

    Oh yeah and I really want a White/teal/darkblue foxhat. Hope I get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Fantasy

    I want a dark blue one so bad!!!!!
    me user is : ILoveGummyBears83

  • Hannah Bryant

    I NEED IT SO BADLY! MY Username is Hannie16 Aka King Jelly Belly Or Doctor Jelly Belly! Thanks!

  • Strosseli

    Okay every one, I know you are some times lazy and don’t want to go through all of the trouble, but I only will answer to you people about my items only if you click reply and then say something there.

    • Kylie Shay

      what is your user name

      • Strosseli

        Okay I will try to get back to you about it.

        • Strosseli

          And my user name is Strosseli.

    • Kylie Shay

      mine is rabbiet621

    • yupyup

      i am replying,so plz give us fox hat

      • aiyana

        I need a fox hat my user longears800

    • xxdontmineatnightxx

      UMM can i plxz get one i need one so i can join a clan

    • Strosseli

      Chill out,im a professional trader on here. Just tell me your user name and color please ^^

  • jjjman10


  • ally

    hi i really wan one thats good BUT ONLY FOR TRADES!

  • Jazzy Jammer

    I have a navy blue rare fox hat and a white one, which one is rarer? (I had the white one longest I got navy blue not too long ago)

    • Strosseli

      I know.
      I am kinda good at the whole knowing what is better and all.

  • Crazycatlady2004

    u r awesome but I kind of disagree with u because the other colors r not very rare.

  • Crazycatlady2004

    oh and my username is crazycatlady2004

  • Strosseli

    Hey hey hey, you fabulous people, I will give any one a fox hat of there choice, if u join this game, FIRST FOLLOW ME, THEN POST SOMETHING ABOUT ME, AND COMMENT HOW OLD YOU ARE, AND WHO EVER WINS GETS THE FOX HAT, AND TO WIN YOU NEED TO DO EVERY STEP, AND THE FIRST PERSON TO DO IT WINS!

  • Strosseli

    Hey people, Follow me ^^ And also, I have a lot of things. Rares, bows, fox hats, the whole gig. So come on and find me, User name is Strosseli.

  • k.p

    plz plz plz give me a fox hat i never ever had one in my life if you want to send me one my user name on AJ is girl08820

    • Bunny Lovers

      My foxhats are S.C.A.M.M.E.D .. Ugh -.-

  • elisabeth lyon

    i want a fox hat again! people scam so much i want my bow back too! i am beasthuntress on AJ

    • elisabeth lyon

      plus i do TRADING RIGHT NOW!! im not a member yet!

  • kp

    i hate when ppl scam like there making videos to show you how to scam and they color out there name so you don’t report them. ugh plus i got scam from my headdress. i want it back soooooo bad );

    • Bunny Lovers

      Yeah, I hate video ‘how to scam or hack’ too! They’re showed us plus they’re scam another jammer too!

  • Bunny Lovers

    I really want pink, white, and light blue foxhat! Please send it to me, Skye! Please! Please! Pleaseeee!! I really want foxhat, especially that color I said.

  • animaljam lovers!

    plz .i want a fox hat , we need it to make a special trade.we would thx so much.plz thanks!animal jam lovers

  • Brianna Yachera

    please, i don’t know what to trade for it but i have lots of rares, i really want a light blue fox hat.

    • Catlover0203AJ

      I have a light blu fox hat, wat u trading for it? I’m Catlover0203

  • Mikey Hess

    May I have one?

  • pinky

    Not exactly true. I got two fox hats from Return of Phantoms Hard.

  • Steve

    I really need a rare fox hat someone scammed mine.

  • SalenaL1

    Please i need a rare fox hat someone scammed mine.

  • trixy

    i want one plz for my sister she was crying because her friend scammed hers and unfriended her. i swear it is for my sister what is the code? my userame is meow801. but i am nonmember so send it to kittycat801. thats hers

    • trixy

      oops i meant if there is a code not what is the code

  • Lily

    Can I have one?? Mine got scammed and it was my best friends. It was orange. my user is kkwawa1031

  • isfiuruewur

    I have 3

  • Sm10101

    I once had a pink, orange and blue fox hat, but 2 got scammed! Now I only have the original colour; orange. :( Please get me a pink one! I miss it! :( I’m Sm10101 on Animal Jam!

  • Koalaclown aj

    me me me ! i want one!!!! my name on animal jam is koalacown

  • partyanimal04747

    plz memememe!!! partyanimal04747 !!! :)

  • SalenaL1

    can i have a purple fox hat please?

    • Bunny Lovers

      Purple? There are not available purple foxhat. Dark blue foxhat dude.

      • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

        They is a purple, but it’s really dark. So some people mistake it for blue :P

  • maggie knisely

    I have a fox hat if you recycle it its over one thousand gems I can use it if I want to get adopted or use it to pretend im a hunter or just for fun and its rare so its AWESOME and plus my name on animal jam is minecraftgod837 so friend me

  • Bunniesbunnybunnies

    (BunniesBunnyBunnies) I want one!!!!!

  • Articwolvesrockiwannabeamember

    Please, I want a light blue fox hat. I have been asking for trades, no one will accept!!!!! I want one cuz mine got scammed… Plz it would mean alot :). I’m tehepicmudkip. ~Peace Out And Pokemon Forever~ -tehepicmudkip-

  • Bunny Lovers


    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!


  • ninka2004

    i have been looking for one of these hats forever can i plz have one

  • Twinkle84787

    Add me I’m called Twinkle84787 I’m really rare if you play moviestarplanet add me I’m called kimchi123

  • Twinkle84787

    I only have 2 fox hats plz I need more

  • Twinkle84787

    I have cream worn 7 or 8 non rare bows maybe 1 rare bow 2 fox hats 2 nm swords ummm I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE LOOK AT THE PICTURE OF ME TRYING TO THINK WHAT ELSE I HAVE

    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

      MoshI monsters o.o

  • Twinkle84787

    o-o my picture looks like me scratching my hair or head o-o

  • Stratford4

    I am Stratford4. I need rares lie fox hat. Plz send some.

  • nagihayate

    O.O i want1 too if ur gonna trade my user is hayatelover trade me A fox hat plz light blue color plz

  • Captain Spiritpuppy

    I want one i dont care wut color.

  • skillz

    I want a fox hat and a rare color

  • lovebaby2207

    I want a fox hat please, if u have a white one. Send me one my user is lovebaby2207

  • Amberlover220

    pretty pretty plz send me one. I want one other than orange. plz send it to me my user is amberlover220

  • hsing2

    can I pppplllllllllllzzzzzzzzz HAVE A FOX HAT I WAS SCAMMED MY USER IS hsing2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ

  • hsing2


  • hsing2


  • hsing2


  • taylor

    please give me a fox hat I really want one. if you can can u get me a pink and white one. I missed fox hat rare item Monday. user:JAmmerWorld198

  • seaside48393

    I’ve been trying to get a white fox hat… nobody wants to trade!
    My account is seaside48393

    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

      What your offer for one?

  • Razberry908

    I got scammed of my rare purple fox hat today. If anyone could be oh so nice, please gift me one. My username is Razberry908. ; A ;

    • britney

      me to girl I got scammed I hate scammers

    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

      My white Fox hat got scammed ;-; swag…

  • britney

    if you have a fox hat plz contact little goofy bunny or blossom the sea and you wil get a very good trade for it

  • hope

    i want a fox hat so bad please come out in stores for all jamers cuz nm cant change the color so be in all colors PLEASE i want ones my use is cuteprincess11th

  • hope

    hi guys julian2 here!so um watch my things on youtube and dont to forget to like and suscribe AND SEND ME GIFTS OR I WILL HATE U ALL AND U BETTER SEND ME A RARE SPIKE OR I QUIT AJ so ya… bye!

    • luvfoxhats

      ur not julian2

    • lalalala

      u r not Julian. he would never say anything like that.

    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

      -Farts swag on nn-

  • hope

    please trade me a fox hat im cuteprincess11th

  • Sabicas73

    I want a fox hat please.. my user is Sabicas73 please send me one even though i have 3.. im trying to collect them all! :D

  • beasthuntress

    i really really need AND want a fox hat cause i already had about five of them scammed. my username is beasthuntress!!

  • luvfoxhats

    I really want a fox hat because ppl scammed meh i’m coolkoala520

  • kalina

    could I please have a fox hat it would mean so much to me!

    • kalina

      btw my user is awesomekkluv

  • Tigris534

    please give me a fox hat. i have wanted one forever My use is Tigris534

  • HELLO!

    I wish I had one again. I was hacked and it got took away :( I is kinicyclaws

  • Applesauce

    Please give me one my user is RozestormCreations everyone makes fun of me when I join some clans and call me a loser :c

  • reflectingday

    i am a non member and i really want one every one of my friends has them. If u are kind enough and u have a fox hat i will trade u any thing i have for it my user is reflectingday

  • Pikachu

    i want it!

  • Pikachu

    my account is cupcake3165

  • makatack

    my account name is iluvmonkeyss52302 and i am a non member

  • Strosseli

    All right every one who has asked for a fox hat, I am very sorry about that I haven’t answered you, I was very very busy. But message back if you want a fox hat again please.

    • sparkle

      im want

    • Blossom Articwolf AJ

      i want one, i am XxlovelydawgxX

    • blumonster101

      I want one please my username is blumonster101

    • captainmagicwolf

      I want a fox hat / my user is | captainmagicwolf

    • Strosseli

      All right, thank you every one! Please read my comments and see the newest game I am playing! Meet me in Strosseli den to claim a prize, only if you join on this site though remember to comment on the comment about the game, Thank you ^^. And yes I see your comments I will get to you all about that.

  • .

    which one is the rarest colour?

  • lolz

    i think its orange…

  • lolz

    mine is hammy4321!!

  • sparkle

    where can i get it???? (im want my name is sparkle zanybird thise name is my character name)

  • KnowItAllKno

    You can get one in adventures -.-

    • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!

      -Puts swag on nn- Better c:

  • KawaiiKitKatnowItAllKno

    I want a light blue one please! My AJ name is KawaiiKitKat

  • aleash60

    is there a code for it?? please let me know if there is one.. :)

  • holly

    I would really like a fox hat any color except red please my user is fluffy112104

  • schapton

    i want one my user is schapton and i want red and white thanks

  • Strosseli

    Any one want to know some thing else doesn’t know? Follow me, and then tell me on here you followed me, and I will tell you ^^

  • Kaylee Green

    I want one my user is horse2014

    • anaya

      I run this program my user longears800 I only give it out to ppl who give me their user and password fyi I am 19 years old so I don’t scam

      • beastofthecanyon

        I’m giving you my user and pass but I need somewhere only you can see because it’s not like there’s no one who will go onto the account. FYI, this will not be my main account because I have rares and I don’t want to risk it. So, give me a link and I will post it there. Thanks!

        • Beastofthecanyon

          BTW, beastofthecanyon is my trade account and account I will be giving to you. That’s all.

      • Kaylee Green

        Password is kaylee2003

      • marcie

        how doyou

  • aiyana

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  • lilly

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    plz send im a member

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    • marcie

      i cant because i dont have one

  • marcie

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  • Aint nobody got $wag Like me!


  • cutekitty11299

    anybody have a navy fox hat if u do plz trade me it my user is cutekitty11299

  • Lillian

    User is catunny123 plz send unwanted fox hats or trade! I will accept almost all trades! Also, see my den!!! I am running a clan, any suggestions welcome!!

    • Lillian

      Ps. Punk or light orange plz and if I have to give the password… Gimme a link and I will tell u

      • Lillian

        I meant pink sorry!

      • deanna

        I will give you one my username is deanna241

  • DragonSoulAJ

    user is dragonsoulaj plz send unwanted fox hats mine was scammed!!!!!

  • DragonSoulAJ

    soz im nonmember my member account is thejammeroftrust plz send!!!!1

  • Lindsey Bodenbender

    Thanks for the helpful info! (: My member account is bunnieawesomness5, and I really really want a fox hat. PLEASE!

  • Lindsey Bodenbender

    Can I please have a fox hat! My user is bunnieawesomness5 I need another fox hat! PLEASE!

  • Kathleen

    So I Really Want a Fox Hat So Plz Give Me One My Username Is Jacklung So Plz Just Plz Do It I’m Only 8.

  • Melissa

    i had 8 fox hats then i lost all of them when aj shut down my account for no reason :T i also had 5 rare bows, the rarest rasberry bow included. DX im melissa0218, so plz gift or trade me. (im becoming member soon so i can accept gift)


  • deanna

    I want a fox hat pleaz

  • deanna

    im 3

  • chloe

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  • aj

    I would like a fox hat please. my username is esaaj all lowercase

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    My username is : cath5867
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    • jenna roberts

      lol no one likes pink

  • deanna

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  • arron

    how do you get a fox hat

    • jenna roberts

      skyhigh , adventure, or plain old trade

  • Raiyan

    Hey I want one because I had a girl colour fox hat and I did not want it then traded it for a arctic wolf plushie I did not one a girl colour fox hat . So plz send me a rare fox hat red or dark blue or white one
    My username is earthworld

  • Raiyan

    And I am doing a giveaway for that because I am going to get a new desktop that’s why and I will show u u r blog

  • Strosseli

    Hey, it has been forever since I posted anything on here, or on Animal jam itself, But now I am posting things again, Please like, follow, and comment, and if I get enough likes and comments, I will start posting youtube videos about things you people will need for living and on animal jam, once in a while, Thank you all!

  • thegirlwhoislazy8

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  • ws

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  • ws

    p.s. im 8 and I like pink if you do not mind