Animal Jam Beta Days

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The term “beta testing” means the software is complete, but still have bugs to work out. Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, as well as speed/performance issues. Beta testers are suppose to reduce impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing.

Since Animal Jam is completed, it is no longer in BETA. So they DO NOT need any Beta testers. Please read the statement released from Animal Jam:

“Animal Jam was created in 2010 by a passionate team who love adventure, imagination, all creatures of the planet, and of course, playing wild! In the early fall of that year, we had to have kids just like you play the game in order to find out if they loved Jamaa as much as we did. And guess what? They really liked it! We knew right away that we had something special to offer the world.

Since then, Jamaa has grown to include many many more Jammers, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We’re always exploring for new lands, animals, facts, and fun things to do. Isn’t it fun being a citizen of Jamaa, and watching it grow? We think so, too!”

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